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Mailbag: Three Chargers to Keep an Eye on

Q:  Read an article this week about three Chargers to keep an eye on.  Who are your three Chargers to watch now that the guys are back practicing? – D.B. Barrack

A:  I can only pick three?!?!  Tough choices, but personally, I am keeping an eye on Jatavis Brown, Andre Williams and Russell Okung. Jatavis came back looking like he added extra muscle this offseason, and I'm eager to see how that translates on the field.  I'm also looking forward to seeing how he adjusts in Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley's system.  Meanwhile, as noted in previous mailbags, Williams forced people to notice him after the way he closed out 2016 with a bang.  The battle to back up Melvin Gordon should be a good one, so I want to see how Williams stacks up.  Finally, as the team's prized free agent acquisition, I want to see what type of impact Okung has on the offensive line.  There are a litany of players I am keeping a close eye on, but those are the first three that popped into my brain.

Q:  What should we look for when the schedule comes out? – Anthony Taylor

A:   There are a few things I always look for, the first obviously being Week 1.  The season opener is always a big deal. The next thing I look at is when our bye week comes, as it always provides an important break in the season.  After that, I look at AFC West rival games, our travel schedule and when we are set to play in primetime.  The schedule always generates a lot of excitement, and we will be breaking it all down for you Thursday starting at 5:00pm.

Q:  Rick - that story with the Combine interview was dope. Most have read it five times trying to figure out who it was guess who it was. You ever gonna spill? – Miguel Kendrick

A: That one remains firmly in the vault!  Glad you enjoyed it though.  For those who haven't read it yet, here is the story Miguel refers to as General Manager Tom Telesco let me in behind closed doors to sit in as they interviewed one of the draft's top wide receiver prospects. 

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