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Mailbag: The Biggest Myth About Melvin Gordon

Q:  Melvin Gordon is flat out a beast.  If he can get his fumbling problem fixed he can be among the best in the league. – Tyler Norland

A: This "fumbling problem" at this point is nothing more than a false narrative. Gordon has vastly improved in that area this season.  Yes, he put the ball on the ground in back to back games against the Saints and Raiders, but those are his only two fumbles after having six in 14 games as a rookie.  Gordon's 292 total touches this year are tied for the most in the NFL, and with just two fumbles, he is losing the ball once every 146 touches.  That differs greatly from one out of every 36 touches a year ago when he fumbled six times in 217 chances.  Gordon's improved ball security is another reason he deserves praise in what has been a breakout sophomore season. It's time we put this myth to bed and give him credit.

Q:  What is going on with Max Tuerk? Why is he inactive each week? How is he looking at practice? We want updates on the third-round center so please give us some information. – Peter Rowe

A: Tuerk's rookie year is turning into a red shirt season, which might be the best thing for him in the long run.  The USC product is coming off a knee injury suffered last October.  While it's a sharp learning curve for every rookie to get used to the mental and physical strains the NFL requires compared to college, Tuerk had an even steeper hill to climb.  Still, he is getting reps every week in practice as he adapts to the pro game.  Tuerk's time is coming and he says he is making the most of each snap in practice.

Q:  You start looking ahead to draft prospects yet? Can we get the Mock Draft Tracker started? – Brad X.

A: No, and don't expect to see any draft content until after the season.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when organizations and outlets focus on the draft before the season ends.  You don't know who will be available nor where teams will draft.  More importantly, the draft is nowhere near top of mind when we are in the midst of the season.  Look, nobody loves the NFL Draft more than I do, but there is a time and place for draft evaluations, projections, etc, and that is the offseason. But rest assured, when that time comes, you will get tons of draft content.  

Q:  Dang, I hate it when we miss the stat of the week! I'm going to have to start asking every time! Ricky - what's your Stat of the Week?? – Josiah Marroquin

A: Guess I gotta give the people what they want!  This week's stat focuses on how good the Bolts have been at the start of games.  More to the point, Philip Rivers.  Number 17's 148.9 passer rating is the highest in the league on game-opening drives. Overall, Rivers is 33 of 39 for 450 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions to open the game.


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