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Mailbag: Is the Combine Really That Important?

Q: Why is the Combine so important when all the players do is run around and not play real football? – Ray Tudor

A: The Combine is important…but overrated.  What a player does throughout his college career is far more important than how much they can lift or what their time is in a three-cone drill.  However, if a player performs exceptionally well or does absolutely awful, it will cause teams to go back and take another look at their tape.  The way the Combine is most important is the medical testing.  This is when teams get their first, real look at prospects' heights and weights, and also learn about any injury history.  In addition, the interviews at night in the train station allow teams a 15-minute window to learn about a player's makeup both on and off the field.  In essence, what the fans see on TV is far and away the least important part of the Combine.

Q:  What position do you like to watch most at the Combine that we should be watching, too? – Timmy Henderson

A: I love watching the offensive linemen.  While I just said that the onfield workouts mean little to me, one exception to me is an offensive lineman's broad jump.  That might seem counterintuitive, but I feel if a player is able to have strong burst from a standing position, it showcases the type of explosion he can generate from a standing position off the snap.

Q:  Can Jason Verrett play safety since Casey Hayward and Trevor Williams are doing a good job at cornerback? – G. Flowers

 A:  There's no doubt in my mind Verrett would be a great safety, but that would be a waste of his talents.  Verrett has a rare skillset, and is one of the best corners in the league when healthy.  Plus, in this day and age, teams need three top tier corners.  It's not a stretch to say if they play all 16 games together that the Bolts may boast the top cornerback trio in the game in Hayward, Verrett and Williams. 

Q:  Watching the Olympics I wanna know which Charger would be the best figure skater? – Dan W.

 A:  I don't know why but I can't stop thinking the answer is Keenan Allen.  No clue at all why I think that.  Maybe because KA13 is so graceful in his route running?  More importantly, I want to know why this is a question you are even pondering!

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