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This is the second of six letters in the "Dear Rookies" series written and read by family members of the Los Angeles Chargers' newest players. We continue with former Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray, who the Chargers traded up to select with the 23rd pick in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

By Kenneth and Dianne Murray


This is a letter from Mom and Dad. We are writing this letter to express three reasons why we are so proud of you. You have become and (are) becoming the man that we envisioned you to be. From the day I told your mother she was pregnant with you, your heart and my heart have been connected. And after 21 years overseeing, watching, anticipating, protecting, loving, and caring for you, we can truly say you are now a full-grown man.

What is it that makes you a man? A man that we respect, and a man that we are very proud of.

Number One: Your character. Your character is who you are. It is the source of our making. It is the heart of everything we do. You are wise beyond your years, son. You are mature beyond your years. And you make decisions that a seasoned man would make. That's character. You have integrity, honesty, insightfulness, and a deep compassion for doing things the right way. At an early age, you made your commitment to Christ and it is His influence that is governing your life and the reason why your decision making has been so phenomenal. My prayer is that you will always remember to follow the advice my mother gave me, and that I gave to you. That is, "Do right and right will follow." I have built a quality of life on that principle.

Number Two: Your caring. This is the reason we are so proud of you. It is because you care. You have such a deep caring heart. I remember when Maurice, your childhood friend in elementary school, didn't have lunch money for lunch daily. You came to me and together we solved that problem. Or the time when your Uncle Lind first moved in with us and while he was passing by your room, he heard you praying for him. That moved him deeply. That also shows how much you care. Your loving and close relationship with your Grandfather Elnor and how intently you would listen to his instructions. We are reminded what a great example and friend you have always been to your little sister Kimberly. Helping her to adjust to the new change that had come to the Murray household. I am forever grateful that early in our adoption process, you came to me and expressed such care for Lenny, James and Nyia, and stated that if anything happen to me and mom, that you would take care of them. That was such a great expression of love. It truly describes who you are.

Number Three: Your commitment. This is also a reason why we are so proud of you. It involves your level of commitment to any and everything that you do. It has been a joy to watch your metamorphosis into the person that you are. That is commitment. You are first and foremost committed to your Lord and that makes us feel good. You are committed to your family. And, ultimately, you are committed to be the best person that you can be inside and out.

We know the fire that is burning in you to do things and work hard to reach your goals. To build your life so effectively that anyone who encounters you will notice this, too. That simply means that you won't run away from responsibility. You will embrace it. Nor will you neglect accountability because you recognize it helps you. Nor do you make excuses, you just get the job done. You have been this way all of your life. We know the future of our family is going to be in good hands.

These are the three reasons why we are so proud of you: your character, your caring, and your commitment. These three things will help you build the kind of life that God has already purposed for you. So we say to you, you are a great son, you are our son, and we cherish and love you always. Now, get to work and go get it out of the mud. Blessings.


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