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MMQB Praises Coach Staley


On the latest edition of the MMQB, Albert Breer noted how impressed he was with head coach Brandon Staley as the team wrapped up their offseason program last week. Below is what he wrote:

"I liked the vibe coming from Staley, the new Chargers coach, coming out of their offseason program.

He told me a story from the final day of the team's offseason program, on Wednesday, that I thought was interesting.

That morning, new acquisition Oday Aboushi was in the training room and saw Staley coming in. Staley knew Aboushi was headed to Jersey for the summer break, so he asked when he was flying out. "Twelve-thirty, coach," Aboushi responded, knowing they were wrapping up early, at a 11 a.m. "No pressure." As Staley explained to me after, "He said it like in a real subtle, just refreshing, joking way. And it's like O.K., hey, we're on to something here. From the relationship standpoint, I know that's not like a big thing, but it was a little thing today." And that, as Staley continued, reflected how things came together over the last few weeks of an offseason program that was modified after the coach negotiated work conditions with his players. (And maybe in part because they negotiated those conditions.)

"I would just say that when we joined up with these guys for this minicamp, when everyone was together, we felt like a team, it felt like a team," Staley said. "They're completely invested in what we're doing and how we're doing it, because they've been a big part of the process. And I think when you talk to our guys that's what they'll tell you, we've really done this together. And so I think that it's gone well, I know it's early and we haven't done anything, and I'm aware of all that, but I like what I see. I like how our team, our coaches, our players, the sports performance, I like how our team's coming together. And I think that we're going to set ourselves up for a really competitive training camp."

For what it's worth, and with that quarterback of theirs (check out last week's GamePlan on him), I think the Chargers are set up as one of the league's most interesting teams heading into the season."

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