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What the Dolphins are Saying about the Bolts

Notable comments from the Miami Dolphins in the lead up to the Week 10 match vs. the San Diego Chargers.

On Joey Bosa….

"I think a lot of it starts with the energy and attitude he plays with. He plays every snap – no matter the down-and-distance, time of the game – he plays every snap and treats it as a meaningful snap. There are no plays off for him. He has got a motor that keeps on going. I feel like whether it's him or really that group together, it seems like they feed of each other" – HC Adam Gase

On Melvin Gordon….

"He's made a lot of strides in a short period of time. Obviously he has been their bell cow this year and obviously that's what they wanted when they drafted him. Now with a couple guys have gone down, it's even more on him as the year's gone on. He's really risen his play and probably is exactly what they thought he was going to be when they drafted him. He's tough. He's a tough guy to go against. He's got everything you want as far as speed, size. He can do all their protection stuff. He's a tough guy for us to go against" – HC Adam Gase

"Through talking with him, through the offseason and everything, he really put his head down and did a lot of things to set himself up for a great year. He's starting to showcase the ability that everyone knew he had, and it's exciting to see how well he has been doing." – RB Jay Ajayi

"Obviously watching today and the last couple of days, he's a very, very tough and hard runner. (He's a) young guy. Obviously he's well-talented and we'll have a big task on our hands….He's a hard runner. (He) runs downhill and obviously most running backs that run hard like that usually have an opportunity to break tackles and get extra yards." – DT Ndamukong Suh

"The challenge again is the running back (Melvin Gordon). He had a big-time game last week, 196 yards. He's got the most attempts in the rushing game, in the entire league. He's a good young back. He's fast to the hole; he breaks tackles" – DC Vance Joseph

On Philip Rivers….

"He's always been a tough guy to go against. I know there's been a few times that we've played him and had a lead on him you feel good going in to the fourth quarter, and then all of a sudden you look up and there's four minutes left and it's a one score game. Or it's three points or they've taken the lead. I just know he's a relentless competitor and he seems to find a way to get his group playing well. He's had a lot of changes especially the last four or five years where either guys have left in free agency or guys have gotten hurt. He's had a lot of moving pieces and he makes it work." – HC Adam Gase

On the Bolts' Front Seven….

"Defensively, I see a group that's playing very fast.  The front is being very disruptive and causing a lot of problems of a team's passing game and they're doing a great job stopping the run" – HC Adam Gase

"They have a really strong front. They do a lot of good things and make it hard for offenses with the unique stunts and a lot of movements, so I think we'll be up for a good challenge this week." – RB Jay Ajayi

"They got a lot of pressure on us (last year). I'd have to go back and watch the game. I've been studying this year's tape, because they are playing a little bit differently this year than they did last year. I'll go back and take a look, a quick look at that. I just remember getting a lot of pressure." – QB Ryan Tannehill

On Casey Hayward….

"It's always hard to just look at one guy and say he makes all of the difference in the world. But I think any time you add anybody in the secondary that is able to be competitive on the ball and then turn it over – and you have a front like they do right now where that ball has to come out very quickly, when the defensive backs understand that and can play very tight and they can sit on routes and take advantage of that – it makes it so hard for the offense to combat that, because you're talking about turning the ball over and then giving a quarterback like Philip Rivers a shorter field" – HC Adam Gase

On Matt Slauson….

"Matt is one of those guys who you just want in your building no matter what position he's playing because he's so flexible as far as what he can do.  Matt is one of the best people I've ever been around.  He's one of the hardest workers I've ever been around.  He's such a great communicator with coaches as far as what works (and) what you should avoid during a game.  He sees things like a pro does, and he's an advantage not only as a player who is physical (and) smart, but when he comes off the field, the information he gives you as a coordinator is rare because he sees so much," – HC Adam Gase

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