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Chargers Honor Their History with 'Walk of Fame' at The Bolt


Their names are forever etched into Chargers lore.

On Monday, every member of the Chargers Hall of Fame also had their names etched in stone with the unveiling of the Chargers Walk of Fame.

The dazzling display sits at the front entrance to The Bolt, the team's brand-new facility in El Segundo.

"It's small way to say, 'Thank you,' to the greats that played for our team over the last 60-plus years," said Dean Spanos, Chargers Owner and Chairman of the Board. "I want everybody to recognize those individuals when they come in.

"They will see their names and what part they played in the building of this franchise over the last six decades now," Spanos added. "It's an important thing and it's the first thing you see when you come into this building, which really, to me, says that this is the foundation of our team. There's a history right there."

Each display was made with terrazzo tile and features a Bolt logo above the name, all etched in brass. The Chargers Hall of Fame member's years with the team, as well as position, are also included.

Eleven of the displays also feature a Pro Football Hall of Fame badge. That esteemed group are those who reside in both the Chargers Hall of Fame as well as the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

And a half-dozen displays feature the six retired numbers in franchise history. That elite group is made up of Lance Alworth, Dan Fouts, Junior Seau, LaDainian Tomlinson, Charlie Joiner and Kellen Winslow.

The Chargers pay tribute to greats with new Walk of Fame at the Bolt

Fred Maas, Chargers Chief of Staff and Counselor, said it was paramount that the Bolts honor the past when designing their new digs.

"Organizations like ours are really defined by the people who were here and who represented that," Maas said. "I think as you go through every year of the Chargers, both before the Spanos family owned the team and certainly since, all of those players have been part of the building blocks that made the organization who it was.

"Everybody that is on the Walk of Fame represents part of the DNA of this team," Maas added. "You'll get a piece of that when you enter into the building."

There are 43 total members of the Chargers Hall of Fame, a group that now includes Alex and Faye Spanos. The couple was honored at The Bolt in a private ceremony last week that included the unveiling of the Alex and Faye Spanos Memorial Garden.

Of the 43 total members, 35 are former players while three former head coaches — Sid Gillman, Don Coryell and Bobby Ross — are also included. The rest of the group includes former owners Barron Hilton and George Pernicano and former general manager Bobby Beathard, who went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018.

The Chargers Walk of Fame was crafted by Top End Terrazzo, the company that installs displays on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Maas explained the vision for the Chargers Walk of Fame and how it came to life.

"I've been a real estate developer for a long time and arrival experiences have always been really important to me," Maas said. "Down the road you have the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I don't know what could possibly be more emblematic of Los Angeles than that.

"We thought, 'OK, how do we take that concept and honor the history of the Chargers going back to 1960?' We're the oldest team in LA to have originated here," Maas continued. "Going back to our roots and our history and honor the tradition of all those players who have been inducted our Hall of Fame.

"We married those two concepts, brought in the team that does the Hollywood Walk of Fame and that's now how you arrive at the new facility," Maas added. "It's quite a special touch that will be appreciated by everyone who visits The Bolt for decades to come."

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