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How The Bolt's New Cafeteria Will Strongly Impact Player Performance


The view is going to be picturesque.

When the Chargers move into their new facility this summer, players, coaches and staff will be able to dine on an outdoor terrace that overlooks multiple pristine practice fields.

They can bask in the Southern California sunshine and marvel at the incredible view all around them.

And on days where one prefers to eat inside, there is ample space to fit everyone.

The cafeteria features approximately 9,000 total square feet of space — 6,200 for the eating area with another 2,800 reserved for the extensive kitchen operations.

Of course, the cafeteria will also feature brand-new, top-of-the-line equipment throughout.

The highlight of the new space at The Bolt will be a smoothie and coffee station where players can customize orders on a daily basis.

Other top-notch amenities include a rotisserie oven, pizza oven, carving station, grill station and a section for pasta and other bowls.

Paige Crawford, the Chargers team dietician, said everything centers on player health and performance.

"The players are really good at what they do," Crawford said. "Being able to make a difference in how they feel and when they can tell that there's a difference being made in how they feel and perform, that's the most rewarding thing."

Check out the latest photos of The Bolt, the Chargers new state-of-the-art practice facility coming summer of 2024.

The Chargers announced in March that Wolfgang Puck Catering will oversee food and beverage operations at the new facility.

Crawford said the early returns of the partnership has been excellent.

"Working with Wolfgang Puck Catering so far, they've been really adaptable and they come with really good ideas," Crawford said. "They're very creative and have high-standard meal ideas and ingredients.

"The feedback that we've provided, they have been unbelievably receptive to and are open-minded about the whole process. We're the first team they've worked with, but you wouldn't know it," Crawford added. "Everything that we've said, 'Well, this would be nice' … they have been like, 'Let's do it.' It's been a really good fit."

Players will be able to order meals off an app, just as they do now, but they will be tailored to each player's needs and goals.

And if a player is short on time, there will also be healthy grab-and-go options for players throughout the cafeteria. That will include a more extensive salad, fruit and yogurt cold bar.

"They can grab something pretty easily instead of having to wait for something to get made," Crawford said. "The players are going to be really happy about it."

There is also that ample indoor and outdoor seating for players and staff, something Crawford noted is important to Chargers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

"He really likes having the team eat together and believes sharing meals together is really helpful in creating important bonds," Crawford said. "He came in and one of the first comments was like, 'Where do the players eat?'

"The new facility has lots of space, which is awesome. Coach Harbaugh has ideated a bunch with us and shared his vision for some of our meals," Crawford added. "So, I think just having a new facility, a new cafeteria, it's all just so conducive to bringing his vision to life and will enable the players to enjoy the entire nutritional program that much more."

The main objective with the Bolts new facility is to maximize player health and performance so they can be at their best for practice and game days.

The cafeteria will certainly play a pivotal role in accomplishing that goal.

"There's a lot of opportunity to make this an amazing program, one that is truly best-in-class among NFL teams," Crawford said.

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