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Top Quotes From Chargers Fan Fest: Bolts Feel the Energy in SoFi Stadium


Hear what the Bolts had to say after Fan Fest, where fans got to cheer on the Chargers for the very first time at SoFi Stadium.

"The atmosphere jumped out to me right away. There are a lot of our fans here that were waiting to see us. When we got here, there was just a buzz around here with the concert, then you get in here for pregame and there's people here waiting for you. I felt like that made it feel a lot different for our guys. That level of focus, that level of energy, kind of got our guys going right away. I'm so glad that we did this because this is so much different than a training camp practice. It was so different than last year. That adjustment is real. I'm so glad that our operation kind of got going here. I think that you saw the guys perform well today in front of our fans." – Head coach Brandon Staley

"It was a lot of fun. We had a great time. It was just good to be back out there and, thank you to all of the fans that showed up and supported. It's just good to be back to playing football. [Having the fans present] means everything to us, to see them line up and support us." – QB Justin Herbert

"Coming out of college, we didn't have fans last year at my school. I've heard a lot about the 'Bolt Fam' and they did not disappoint today! They were loud, it felt like it was a home game and we appreciate these fans because at the end of the day, they make our job easier with their support. Bolt Fam, I love you!" – OLB Chris Rumph

"It's been pretty incredible just to feel the energy of what the potential can be. Having fans out here today was pretty special just to hear them cheering and getting so excited about the Chargers' [season being here.] We're really excited to get this thing going." – RB Austin Ekeler

"It's an incredible feeling having the fans here. The stadium is beautiful but having them out here meant everything. Even for a practice, it was loud, people were chanting names, it was amazing.  The energy was fantastic, especially for a day like today." – LT Rashawn Slater

"It was lit! it was good vibes. There was a lot of energy here with the fans here for the first time. We put on a little show for them and it was fun." – WR Mike Williams

"It was great. We felt the energy from the fans and everyone who was excited to come in here and watch a live practice. We fed off the energy they brought which helped us get energized for practice." – G Matt Feiler

"It felt good to be out here, having the fans ... It was good to have all the fans out here — they create an atmosphere that we need." S Derwin James

"It's exciting for fans to finally be here. We got a glimpse of what the energy's going to be like for the next [several] years and it was really cool. It was fun to be a part of – get a chance to do this – and we're out here competing. It was awesome." – RB Joshua Kelley

"It's totally new – doesn't feel the same, doesn't look the same. It's amazing. It's why we come out here. It's why we love playing this game so much; why we sacrifice and work so hard. It was amazing. The energy, it was electric. I love it." – WR Jalen Guyton

"I came out here for pregame to walk around and take it all in, and it's awesome. Especially coming out and it not even being full right now, it's was still loud … so, it was awesome. I'm excited to be here." – TE Tre' McKitty

"It just gave a lot more energy to the team. Just seeing the fans – just seeing Bolt Nation yelling, screaming – it just brings more excitement to the team and more energy to the team to get us going because fans are a big part of this game." – WR K.J. Hill

For the 10th practice of Training Camp the Chargers shifted venues to SoFi Stadium for a Fan Fest scrimmage.

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