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NFL Players Embrace the Script Joke: "I Ain't Really Like It"


Did you like the 2022 NFL script for your favorite team?

Before we go any further, let's make it crystal clear that this is all for laughs. There is no script that determines the NFL season, even as the conversation around it blew up on social media last week.

The Chargers 2022 script was filled with plenty of twists and turns from September to January, but it ended with a disappointing finish in the playoffs.

Each team endured their own rollercoaster ride in 2022, but how did players respond as their seasons played out?

We facetiously asked Pro Bowlers last week in Las Vegas what they thought about the 2022 NFL script last week.

Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams could only laugh.

"That's hilarious. I got to look more into it. It's funny though," Williams said. "I thought it was a joke. I think it it's a joke huh. I think it's a joke, it should be a joke (laughing)."

Former NFL punter Pat McAfee added: "Certainly had a lot of drama. You know, there was some comedy out there too. If you really dig deep, you got the chance to laugh."

With only two NFL teams left standing, however, many players were unhappy with the ending of their respective scripts.

"Honestly, it was really bad," said Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey. "It was weird going into the season knowing we weren't gonna win it all. I tried to dispute it, but [NFL Commissioner Roger] Goodell he's the man, he's the boss, so he kind of has it going so."

Miami's Bradley Chubb added: "They had us out in the first round so I ain't really like it, but it's all good."

San Francisco's Trent Williams and George Kittle said they loved the regular-season script, but were turned off by the finale that included a loss in the NFC title game.

"About how we going to play the NFC Championship game without a quarterback? Luckily, I missed that part because I wouldn't even showed up if I knew that was going to happen," Wlliams said.

Kittle added: "My first read through was really fun. They didn't send the playoffs one until the playoffs hit, so after that I was a little shook."

Cleveland's Myes Garrett was blunt about the Brown script.

"I've come to hate my script. I don't like my script around here," Garrett said.

The only positive answer came from Seattle's Geno Smith, who proved doubters wrong with the best season of his career.

"It was good for me," Smith said with a smile.

Writers will soon begin working on the 2023 NFL script (again: this is a joke). Players were asked what they wanted to see next season.

Minnesota's Za'Darius Smith offered a wholesome answer: "More great people smiling all the time and just enjoying life."

But players took things personally and said they wanted what was best for themselves and their own teams.

Green Bay's Elgton Jenkins said: "Packers win the Super Bowl, for sure."

A pair of Lions players have other plans in mind.

"The Lombardi Trophy," Frank Ragnow said.

Penei Sewell added: "Yes, undefeated."

Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander is aiming for personal fame: "They need to put No. 23 on the cover of Madden."

Garrett spoke for most players when he said they need to "start getting some production rights around here."

But Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase summed up the entire mood as best he could.

"I need a better one," Chase said. "I need my own script."

We'll see what the NFL has in store for the 2023 season.

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