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Five Fun Facts: Dylan Cantrell


This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field.

While you may be aware wide receiver Dylan Cantrell was selected in the sixth round of the 2018 NFL Draft, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 84.

1. Red Raiders Reunited: Former Texas Tech teammates Cantrell and quarterback Nic Shimonek are back on the same team as members of the Bolts. But the funny thing is, they go back even further than their time in college as their paths initially crossed at the 2013 Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Game. "Going to college or any time you move and go someplace you're unfamiliar with, it always makes it easier if you know somebody," Cantrell said of his reunion with Shimonek. "You're a lot more comfortable. Just being in the room with him, you know your roommate and you don't have to have that awkward introduction!"

2. Sings in the Shower: Cantrell is a self-proclaimed shower singer. As for what he sings? He's recently dabbled into the songbook of an internet sensation. "I like Mason Ramsey, the yodeling boy.  His new song ('Famous') is pretty good." While he hasn't partaken in karaoke, Cantrell said his shower singing is all preparation since he heard he's going to have to sing for his teammates during training camp.

3. Trick-Shot Master: "There's a sense of accomplishment once you do one," Cantrell said of his hobby. "Sometimes you'll spend three hours trying to do one thing, so once you get it, it makes it all worth it." Check out some of his videos below.

4. Previous Parkour-er: While he admits he's a big thrill seeker, Cantrell used to take his adventures to the streets via Parkour. "When I was younger, I'd do things with friends and just kept with it. I enjoyed jumping off things and we'd run off walls and all that." However, he isn't Parkour-ing anymore.  He admitted he's retired the hobby since he started focusing on football.

5. Ping Pong Player: Cantrell said he loves playing ping pong. "I've played it since I was a kid. We had a table in college. I haven't played in a while but I'm good." So good in fact if he wasn't playing football, he said he'd likely pursue playing ping pong on a competitive level.

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