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Why Brock Bowers is the Top Tight End in 2024 Draft Class


Brock Bowers doesn't care who drafts him or where he's picked at.

The Georgia standout — and the widespread top tight end in the 2024 draft class — is mostly focused on making an immediate impact wherever he lands.

"I just want to go to a place I'm wanted and be used and hopefully have a good rookie season," Bowers said Thursday morning from his podium session in Indianapolis.

Bowers has been a popular player projected to the Bolts at No. 5 in the first round.

The most recent Chargers 2024 Mock Draft Tracker listed the opinion of 15 analysts, with Bowers landing in powder blue four times.

If Bowers does indeed end up with the Chargers, what will be bring to the offense?

"I feel like I'm yards after the catch and just being able to make people miss," Bowers said. "Just turn good plays into great plays."

He later added: "I like catching the ball in the flat and making things happen, That's fun to me."

The Bolts could have a need a tight end this offseason with Gerald Everett and Nick Vannett slated to be free agents on March 13.

Bowers Combine

Bowers could be another option for Justin Herbert through the air.

"You have to have a good relationship with the quarterback, build trust," Bowers said. "That kind of comes through reps at practice. I'll try to work on that the first place I go."

Bowers was an All-American during his three-year career at Georgia with 175 catches for 2,538 yards and five scores.

He was limited to 10 games this past season due to an ankle injury but said Thursday that he's fully cleared.

"It was an injury that happened this year so [teams are] obviously asking about it. It's 100 percent," Bowers said.

Time will tell if Bowers lands with the Bolts. If he does, expect him to make a strong impression right away.

"Tight end is a prime position to be in right now," Bowers said.

Here are some top quotes from other prospects, listed in alphabetical order, who spoke Thursday.

Arnold Combine

CB Terrion Arnold, Alabama

On his mindset as a cornerback:

"My granddad was a roofer. I like to correlate roofing to football. My granddad always told me, 'On the roof, TA, no one's coming to save you.' So when I'm on that roof and I'm on that 8x12, 10x12 and it's a high pitch walking up there, you're slipping on the fiberglass, you kind of get a little rocky, a little shaky, you know that if you lose confidence in yourself, you're gonna slip and fall.

"It's the same way with playing corner and being a human being. If you don't have that confidence to come in and take over a room and have that presence, nobody else is going to have that confidence in you. So that's where I get it from."

What makes you the best corner in the draft?

"My mindset. Anytime I line up, it doesn't matter who I'm going against, I'm coming to dominate. We're all at at the Combine, eyes are on me and I will perform."

DeJean Combine

CB Cooper DeJean, Iowa

Nature of injury, timetable for working out?

I fractured my fibula mid-November, had surgery. I've been rehabbing ever since. Just started running full speed last week. I plan to work out at some point before the draft.

Any talk about moving to safety?

I've talked to a few teams, yeah, about just moving around. Being able to play multiple, different positions, I think that's an advantage. Coming into this league, being able to play wherever they put me.

Special teams, and punt return vs. Michigan State, think can be a returner at next level?

Definitely. A lot of teams have asked me about that, the special teams part – if I wanted to do that at the next level. That's something I feel I can do – returner, gunner, whatever it may be. I love to do special teams and make an impact.

Who's the toughest assignment you've drawn as a Hawkeye?

Probably Marvin Harrison, to be honest. The name speaks for itself. Everybody knows what he's about. He's a great receiver.

Kinchens Combine

S Kamren Kinchens, Miami

What is your greatest strength?

"I think my instincts. I think my aggressiveness, I'm gonna have to learn how to control so I won't be taking too many risks. But learning how to take risks and elevate - no bad plays. Just have those good to average plays and then you have those flash great plays."

How important is it to take the deep part of the field away?

"Very important. I think all coaches talking about having the best turnover margin in the NFL or college. So you want to always have the ball in your offense's hands."


CB Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo

What do teams say they like about you?

"Just my ball skills, intercepting the ball, breaking the ball up, playing through the hands, not panicking downfield. Honestly, that's my top trait."

What sets you apart from this class of cornerbacks?

"Just my grit. The chip I got on my shoulder, that I compete. I'm big, I'm strong, I'm fast. I feel those three things separate me."

Nubin Combine

S Tyler Nubin, Minnesota

What did you learn about playing in the Big Ten?

I love playing against the best. So that's the competitor in me. So you got to be on your game and you can't take a play off. That's what I learned.

On leadership style:

I think my leadership style is something that I can bring to the NFL. And what I learned as a leader at Minnesota, I'm a confrontational guy. I'm somebody that's not afraid to, speak up when you need to, but I'm also a guy that knows when to step back and learn and to listen. I believe God gave us two eyes and two ears and only one mouth for a reason. Because as a leader, you've got to know when to step back and when to listen and when to learn, and know when to take a step back, like I said, so you can gather all the information that you need in order to really rate that and be that confrontational guy and be that vocal guy out there. So I learned when to when to talk and when to listen.

Sanders Combine

TE Ja'Tavion Sanders, Texas

On taking pride in his blocking:
"For me to be a true tight end at the next level, I don't have a choice but to take pride in that. That's been one of my main focuses going on is working on my run blocking for sure."

On what he can do best to help a team win:
"My vertical passing ability and being able to create mismatches. Whether it's against a slower linebacker or slower safety lining up at the one spot or two spot. Just creating mismatches all over the field."

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