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All In

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The Los Angeles Chargers are proud to announce the team's new documentary series, All In, Behind the Scenes with the 2021 L.A. Chargers. The show is a comprehensive view of all things Chargers, from the moment Brandon Staley was hired as the team's head coach, to their 2021 season quest, and everything in between.

Show Schedule

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DateEpisodeWhere to Watch
August 27, 2021Episode 1Chargers YouTube
September 10, 2021Episode 2Chargers YouTube
September 24, 2021Episode 3Chargers YouTube
October 8, 2021Episode 4Chargers YouTube
October 22, 2021Episode 5Chargers YouTube
November 5, 2021Episode 6Chargers YouTube
November 19, 2021Episode 7Chargers YouTube
December 3, 2021Episode 8Chargers YouTube
December 22, 2021Episode 9Chargers YouTube
January 21, 2022Episode 10Chargers YouTube