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Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Updated Bolt Mark and New Logotype; Uniform Unveil Less Than a Month Away


The Los Angeles Chargers today introduced an update to the team's iconic 'Bolt' mark as well as a new logotype in advance of the 2020 season, the team's first in its new SoFi Stadium home.

Quintessentially Southern California, the Chargers are relaunching what is very much an aspirational brand synonymous with sunshine, blue skies and a fun, carefree style of play dating back to the team's AFL roots.

Widely considered to own – in totality – the best collection of uniforms in sports, the Chargers have brought their iconic Powder Blue and Sunshine Gold colors to the forefront of the team's new mark, logotype and soon-to-be-revealed uniform design as a reflection of the diverse outdoor culture that is a way of life for millions in the region.

Whether it's Sunday on the Venice Boardwalk or the Olvera Street Marketplace, there's an unmistakable vibe that's unique to Los Angeles. While it's not easy to reflect a vibe in logos and uniforms, the team set out to do just that with a bold, vibrant, electric and fun brand update.

The 1960s in Los Angeles and its surrounding communities represent classic Americana coastal vibes. Throughout the branding process, the team drew inspiration from the surf, skate and car cultures of this era when creating its new look. While more details are still to be unveiled, the bold, italicized font and numbers are an ode to an era that saw legendary Mustang modifier Carroll Shelby set up shop in Marina del Rey and Latino youths on the Eastside turn 1940s cars into sleek, irreverent lowriders. The font and numbers, like a souped-up Shelby, symbolize speed, power and constant forward motion while their placement within the brand is a nod to modifying a classic.

With the new Bolt a sleeker, more streamlined version of its old self as the team's primary mark, it's also one color lighter. Gone is the three-tone Bolt with a navy keyline – the new Bolt has been paired down to only include Powder Blue and Sunshine Gold.

As for the new logotype, just because you're a 60-year old franchise doesn't mean you have to act like it. With words becoming increasingly interchangeable with emojis and acronyms, the team decided to build a bolt emoji into its new logotype. Also a new touch, the bold, italicized font along with its stylized, angled ticks mimics the edges and details of the updated mark. Now 'BOLT UP' isn't just a rallying cry, salutation or general term of approval, it's built into every facet of the team's brand identity.

Ultimately, when you have the best uniform in sports, the goal is not to reinvent the wheel with wild new design. You evolve it. You simplify it. You take what people love about it, and you make it even better. The Chargers updated mark and new logotype are just the beginning. Fans can 'BOLT UP' with new gear by visting and are encouraged to stay tuned, the team's uniform unveil is right around the corner…

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