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How did Derwin James Fare at Minicamp?

Philip Rivers had the offense mere yards from the goal line during a two-minute drive Wednesday at practice.

He eyed his target, cocked his arm back and fired over the middle.

Then the long arms of Derwin James snatched it out of the air.

The rookie cradled it in as he fell to the ground, securing the interception in the back of the end zone.

While his teammates celebrated wildly, it was business as usual for James.

"Our defense, how it's set up, our eyes are supposed to be on the quarterback, and I saw where he was looking," he said. "I just dropped to my zone where I'm supposed to be and made the play…. It was just another play. I just made a good play. I'm supposed to do that. That's my job. I feel like it was just a good play. I'm trying to make more plays like that in the game."

It's understandable why James was one of the most scrutinized players this offseason. Each year, all eyes gravitate toward the team's first-round pick. His every move is monitored by fans, while players are often asked about their newest teammate.

That's exactly what happened on Thursday as the final day of minicamp served as one last chance to find out how James is faring thus far.

Safe to say, he's turning heads.

"Obviously, the spotlight is on Derwin," said Joey Bosa, a former first-round draft pick who knows what it's like being under the microscope as a rookie. "Watching him move around and the type of body he has, he's really rangy and a long athlete, and watching the way he covers ground, it's really impressive to me. We're going to have a good defense with the guys we've added, for sure."

"Playmaking ability, really (is what we're seeing)," added Melvin Ingram, another former first-rounder. "Like (Wednesday) he caught a pick to end the two-minute drill in the end zone, and that's just straight playmaking ability. That's why we went and got him in the first round, so he's been everything as expected."

That's not to say he's been perfect.

James admitted he's made several gaffes, which is to be expected this early on from a young player just starting to get his feet wet.

For instance, he had a mental lapse that led to a touchdown during Thursday's practice, serving as a reminder that the safety is still a rookie adjusting to the pro level.  At the same time, he's determined to use these mistakes as a learning experience so he won't make them when it really counts come the fall.

"Just really knowing my assignment (is what I'm focusing on)," he noted. "Not just knowing my assignment pre-snap; knowing my assignment in motion. Different formations. I may be doing one job before the motion, now I'm doing another job after the motion. Just knowing my job."

The pace of the game is also something James knows he must get accustomed to as it's in stark contrast to the collegiate level.

"The speed is different. Before in college, you get away with it if you lined (up) a little too tight. Now if you're too tight, Melvin's going around the corner. So, you've got to be faster (and) really play with a lot of technique now."

Still, Head Coach Anthony Lynn and the rest of the organization is pleased by what they've seen so far.

"For the most part, I think he's had an outstanding spring," Lynn said. "We've put a lot on his plate. He's taken more reps than any DB on our team right now. I think the situation we've put him in, he's handled very well."

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