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Five Fun Facts: Uchenna Nwosu


This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field.

While you may be aware linebacker Uchenna Nwosu was selected in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 58.

1. Foodie at Heart: One of Nwosu's favorite hobbies is trying new varieties of ethnic foods. "I had Ethiopian food for the first time last month. Now I'm starting to branch out and try different spots." He credits his girlfriend with getting him into the hobby. He says he hasn't met a genre of food he didn't like and is hoping to try more in the near future. As for a type of food he doesn't like? Mushrooms.

2. Avid Gamer: Name a popular video game, and chances are, Nwosu plays it. Madden. Call of Duty. Fortnite. He also plays with some of his Chargers teammates. "I play with Cole Hunt. I play with Chris Durant." As for who wins? According to Nwosu, it's him.

3. College Major: The hometown kid, Nwosu, graduated from USC this past spring with a degree in political science. But, it wasn't his first major of choice. "Originally, I was an international relations major. And then it just branched off to strictly U.S.-based politics and the U.S., so I took it from there." He says he tries to keep track of current events as much as he can.

58 College

4. "God's Will": Although he and his siblings were born in the U.S., Nwosu's name is of Nigerian descent. His full name is Anon Uchenna Nwosu, Jr. which was passed down from his grandfather. The meaning of his name, Uchenna, is God's will.

5. Favorite Music Act: When asked about the one music act he always listens to, the answer was simple: Migos. Nwosu's been a fan of the trio since 2013. "I liked them back in the day. My favorite Migos song is 'Handsome and Wealthy.'" Why, you may ask? "It describes me perfectly!" he said.

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