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Five Fun Facts about Travis Benjamin

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field.  *

While you may be aware wide receiver Travis Benjamin is entering his second season with the Chargers, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 12.

  1. Likes to Cook: While he's competitive on the field, he's equally as competitive in the kitchen.  "My wife is like the chef of the house but sometimes we have competitions.  We compete in the kitchen."  Benjamin has been cooking since he was 12.  "Growing up, we didn't have a father figure in the house so it was my grandmother, my mom, my younger sister and me.  When my mom and grandma were at work, I was the chef."  Benjamin said he learned to cook from watching his grandma when he was younger.  Benjamin's favorite dish to make?  Steak.  "I like to marinate it, put it in the oven and it comes out great."
  1. Fishing Fan: Benjamin grew up in Florida, so naturally, he became a fan of fishing.  Specifically, freshwater fishing.  "Growing up, we would go to the lakes and fish all day." Although he loves to fish, he doesn't get around to it as much as he used to.  He said he'll fish when he goes back to Florida, but it's also a very time consuming hobby.
  1. Nickname: "When I got to the NFL, they gave me the nickname 'Rabbit.'"  Benjamin said he'll still see the nickname on social media, but it's been attached to him for quite a while.  "Growing up, I came from an area known for chasing rabbits in the cane fields.  We would just run around and catch them.  I didn't do it too often, but I did it." 
  1. Favorite Artists: If he's getting ready for a game, chances are Benjamin will listen to music from Future, Meek Mill and Young Jeezy.  While he admits he doesn't have favorite songs, he does like those rappers for their musical composition.  "I like that they're passionate.  I like their delivery and the 'hypeness' about it.  I feel like I can feel what they're going through in their music.  (And when I can do that), it's a good song."
  1. Avid Gamer: Like many of his teammates, Benjamin likes to play video games in his spare time.  His favorites include Madden and Call of Duty.  "I could sit in front of the TV for hours and play video games.  When I get online, I have at least 30-40 friends and when everybody is online, we just get in the group and play."  Benjamin likes Call of Duty because you can communicate within the game.  He also enjoys Madden but said he's yet to play with his Chargers teammates.  "I heard Gates and Keenan are really good so I have to challenge them."


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