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Five Fun Facts about Spencer Pulley

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field.  *

While you may be aware center Spencer Pulley has gone from undrafted rookie free agent to working with the ones this offseason, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 73.

  1. First Job: Everyone knows communication between a center and quarterback should be top-notch.  Good thing for Pulley  that his communication skills with Philip Rivers are much better than those he had at his first job.  "My first job dealt with answering phones for a truck driving (company).  I was just supposed to transfer them to someone, but they would always ask me, 'No, tell me where to go!'  I was only an intern.  I had no idea!"  The few times he misdirected drivers,  they'd be surprised when they'd come in to give Pulley a piece of their mind.  "But then, they'd come in and look for the guy who told them the wrong route and they'd see me and (back off)." 
  1. Favorite Destination: Pulley's favorite place to visit is Seaside, Florida.  "It's close to Destin and my family would always go there during the summer.  It's the coolest.  It's this little town and all the houses are different colors.  It's got a small town feel but it's right on the beach."  If the visual sounds vaguely familiar, it's because The Truman Show was shot there. 
  1. Grandpa Spence: "I've always looked older, so teammates would call me Grandpa Spence.  I've always been the older looking guy.  The hair on top and the beard kind of add to that."  The moniker has been around since high school, and truthfully, Pulley doesn't mind the name.  While his Chargers teammates stay away from the "grandpa" term, they do call him a variation of the name: Old Man. 
  1. Favorite Band: While he is a lover of all types of music, Pulley's artist of choice is the Aliza Carter Band.  Never heard of them?  Let him explain: "They're a brother-sister band out of Nashville.  They're kind of singer-songwriter, folk band."  His favorite album of theirs is *Clearer *and his favorite song is the title track.
  1. Former Passion Turned New Hobby: Growing up, Pulley and his friends were really into longboards.  "In high school, we saw them randomly in a shop and bought some.  We would ride them all the time."  But now, Pulley has flipped his board over and taken on a new role.  "My friends and I like to design them.  We'll build the longboards and change the way they look.  We're trying change up the way they are with their designs and shapes."


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