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Five Fun Facts about Joshua Perry

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field.  *

While you may be aware linebacker Joshua Perry is fresh off his rookie season with the Chargers, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 53.

  1. Reality TV Junkie: Perry loves to unwind by watching TV, and his genre of choice is reality programming.  "I watch everything.  'Love & Hip Hop,' 'Black Ink Crew,' 'Basketball Wives L.A.,' 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.'  It's all terrible, trash, reality TV!"  Perry says he likes how mindless the shows are despite the storylines.  "The fact that (the shows are) supposed to be unscripted, there's still a lot of drama and it's funny."
  1. Singer on the Side: One of Perry's hobbies is singing.  "I like R&B music so it's kind of what I do when I get a little free time.  I'm getting some equipment so this summer, I'm going to start recording some tracks."  Perry says artists like Boyz II Men, and Drew Hill are a couple of his favorites.  "I like the R&B groups a lot just because of the harmonies.  I think it takes a lot of talent for them to be able to come together like that."
  1. Almost-Track Star: "There was a period of time in high school where I thought I was going to run track in college."  Perry's sport of choice?  Long jumping.  "I got fifth in state one year and then I was a state runner up another year in long jump so I thought that's what I was going to do."  Perry had offers on the table but chose to go the football route at Ohio State.  However, he believes his background in track helps him as an athlete today.
  1. First Job? Football: While Forrest Lamp worked for a landscaping company and Derek Watt made frozen custard shakes for their first jobs, Perry is currently working his first job right now.  As an NFL player.  "My parents didn't ask me to work when I was in high school.  They told me to keep my grades up because (I was) playing three sports a year.  Then when I got to college, I was too busy to get a job so this is my first j-o-b!  I had an internship but I don't really count that."
  1. Educational Aspirations: Perry and his family place a high emphasis on education.  Although he received his degree in consumer and family financial services from Ohio St., he's looking for more.  "When it's said and done, I'd like to have a doctorate.  I'm not sure in what yet, but, I've thought about public administration and business.  I'd (want it) to say I did it and put that title in front of my name. Down the line when I'd want to transition into something at a higher level, it would be great to have that next to my name."  Perry is looking to start an MBA program or a dual MBA program soon. "I'd like a master's in business administration and a master's in public administration.  That also deals with public policy so there's a political connection there too if I decided to transition to that."


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