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DJ's Mailbag: Keys to Victory Against the Dallas Cowboys

The Los Angeles Chargers play the Washington Football Team on Sunday, September 12, 2021 at FedExField in Landover, MD.
The Los Angeles Chargers play the Washington Football Team on Sunday, September 12, 2021 at FedExField in Landover, MD. [FINAL SCORE: LAC 20 - WAS 16]

Each week during the season, Chargers radio analyst Daniel Jeremiah will answer fan questions from Instagram.

Below is the Week 2 installment:

Seemed like a different Mike Williams out there, what did you notice? -@clark_81

"Well first of all, Mike just being used on a variety of routes. He's kind of been labeled as a vertical, stretch receiver, a lot of 50/50 balls. Now I think you see in this offense, show that he can do more than that, giving him some more opportunities in the middle of the field, some run after catch, he's getting a chance to show that he's a complete receiver."

Best matchups for the Chargers against the Cowboys? -@coop_lion_

"Well I mean the best matchup is gonna be Terence Steele with Joey Bosa on the defensive side of the ball. When you [without] your right tackle, we saw last week what Joey Bosa did to a young, inexperienced guy in [Sam] Cosmi and just dominated. I think you could see more of the same this week against Steele. When you look offensively, the matchups for the Chargers, I love [Dallas LB] Micah Parsons and I think he's gonna be a great player in this league but I think you could see some opportunities in the passing game for Austin Ekeler. Last week, I think not being 100 percent healthy they didn't really feature him in that way, but I could see Austin Ekeler getting involved in the passing game, that's gonna be a tough cover for Micah Parsons."

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What do you think the keys to victory are against the Cowboys? -@brodeemeyer

"I think the keys to victory is getting home with your four. Because this is a really good passing offense, and if you can get home with four rushers and just kind of force Dak Prescott to navigate through seven defenders in the back end that's gonna help you hopefully get a turnover or two and limit the explosive plays.

How was Linsley's chemistry with Herbert? -@billuc1982

"I mean I think it was pretty flawless, you didn't have run-throughs. Usually that's a communication thing when you've got a a new center working with a new quarterback, but Corey Linsley is so experienced and Herbert is so smart, they appeared to be on the same page throughout that entire game. There was really no, we call them M-Es, mental errors or miscommunications, they were on the same page."

After watching Slater handle the Washington Football Team pass rush, is there anyone he can't handle? -@rouge.panda619

"I think that one of the things that really helped Rashawn was getting a chance to go up against Joey every day. You're not gonna see anybody better than Joey, so that's prepared him. He's not gonna pitch a shutout the entire season so don't be unrealistic here, that was as good a rookie performance first game that I've seen from an offensive lineman. But, you know there's gonna be some bumps along the way, he's gonna face good rushers each and every week."

Which non-starter in any phase will have the biggest impact on the season? -@vincent_whitney

"I'll give you kind of a sneaky one, I was encouraged by what I saw from Stephen Anderson as a blocker. I don't know that when you looked at the roster before the season started if you felt like the Chargers had a blocking tight end, and I thought he acquitted himself quite well and played well in the run game. So, that can have a real impact as somebody that people aren't focused on."

What's the key in stopping the Cowboy's offense for the Chargers? -@j_meekins1

"To me it's always comes down to explosive plays. You've just got to keep these guys from going over the top, you know you're gonna have some 15-yard gains and you're gonna have some conversions and long drives that's gonna happen. You've got to eliminate those 50, 60-plus-yard plays that they get over the top. That's what it comes down to, eliminating those explosives."

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