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DJ's Mailbag: What's the Key to Slowing Lamar Jackson?


Each week during the season, Chargers radio analyst Daniel Jeremiah will answer mailbag questions. Below is the Week 6 installment:

How will the defense stop the run against Lamar Jackson? -@_gainz_1

"I think it's being disciplined with your eyes and being able to just technically take on blocks and get off blocks. I mean, it's not super complicated. I think a lot is made that the Chargers don't dedicate a lot of bodies to the front, but their defense is still designed to be able stop the run, you gotta be able to stack blocks and get off blocks."

What is the longest coach Staley would go for it on fourth down? -@fw._jxden

"I think you'd have to ask him that one, but he has supreme belief in his quarterback. I wouldn't put anything past him. I think it all depends on the situation of the game, but I'm sure we're going to get one somewhere along the line that people might sit up in their chair a little bit, but that's the type of confidence he has in this group."

What do you think the game plan is to slow down Lamar Jackson? -@respectfully_joseph

"Well, you've gotta avoid getting caught up the field with your pass rush. That's the worst thing you can do. You've got to tackle really well. I would say that's the most important thing in the run game and the passing game, limit the yards after contact and after the catch. Those are gonna be some keys. Then when you get your opportunities, you've got to make them count. He's been phenomenal, but he has put the ball on the ground a little bit, so every time you get an opportunity to tackle Lamar Jackson, you're gonna have to swing at the ball, see if you can't steal a few possessions."

What are we going to do about our run defense and special teams? -@gavinmcqueen

"The pieces are in place to be a good run defense, they have the players that they need. There's been flashes when they've needed to get key stops, they've been able get them. I think we forget this is a team that hasn't been in this system very long, I think they'll get more comfortable in finding those answers. Special teams, it's not singular to the Chargers when you think about missed kicks. I think we saw more extra points missed last week than any other week in NFL history. Those struggles I know are very frustrating for fans, but they're taking place all over the league."

Do you think the Ravens will be more challenging than the Browns were?-@blueeyedangel77

"I think it's a totally different challenge. I don't think they're quite as physical as Cleveland. I think Cleveland is a very physical group. The Baltimore Ravens really stretch you out with the speed that they have, especially offensively. They can put some track guys out there like Hollywood Brown and they are a big play away on every single down. It's a different challenge and there's nobody to simulate Lamar Jackson, he's a unique, unique player so that to me makes it a totally different type of challenge."

What have you thought of Donald Parham Jr. the last two weeks? -@liam.faughnan

"He's been great. He's got a really good feel down in the red zone. Everyone talks about how big he is, but I think he's really instinctive, he's got a good feel for the game. I also thought he's improved as a blocker; he's getting better and better. There's tremendous upside with him and he's delivered so far this year, I think there's more to come."

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