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Brandon Staley Joins 'Good Morning Football' to talk Eagles Win

Staley bolts buzz 11-9

On Tuesday, Chargers head coach Brandon Staley joined NFL Network's 'Good Morning Football' to discuss the Bolts Week 9 win in Philadelphia, his path to being a head coach in the NFL, his fight with cancer and more. Take a look at some top quotes from the interview below:

Coach Staley on Justin Herbert's maturity

"Justin had a big-time performance. I think he kind of embodies that calm is contagious I think for all of us. I think that's such a special trait of his. I think he had a really awesome week of practice after two tough games. Kay [Adams] you said, those two weeks didn't happen for him like he hoped but I felt like he learned a lot from both those games, and I felt like he really came out really aggressive in the football game. I think that one thing that allowed him to play so well was that it was a line of scrimmage game. Our offensive line really, really won the day for us and we had some really big performances from our skill position players. We kind of spread it around, everyone touched the ball. It was just a really complete performance for us offensively and Justin certainly led the way."

On the mindset he had in order to become a head coach in the NFL

"I think that statement 'be where your feet are and be present' and really maximize your roll whatever role that is, is really important. I think that what really happened for me was, I was always envisioning I was in the NFL when I was at John Carroll [University]. I was calling plays like I was defending Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, or Pat Mahomes that's how I was doing it…that's where my mind was. Even though I was coaching in college I had a double education going. I was studying the NFL every single week and staying current with everything that was happening in the NFL because that was my dream. I think that if you have aspirations of doing something you really have to work at your game, you're not just going to sort of have this lucky path where a couple things go your way and then all of a sudden you're where you want to be, you have to make your breaks happen because of how good you are. I feel like that's something that I've tried to do is be complete coach so if I got the opportunity to get in front of a John Fox or a Vic Fangio, coming from John Carroll that I would be able to hold up with those guys and be able to show them hey, I belong here. That's all I've tried to do is work at my game and even now as a head coach. Everyday there's just so much to do and I think that's where it starts for me, it's just everyday waking up knowing you better be working"

On his battle and his parents battle with cancer

"I know that I wouldn't be the head coach of the Chargers today if I weren't a cancer patient and I feel like when I got to the other side of my cancer deal that's when I really took off as a coach because I knew where I was headed. There's a feeling, there's a confidence once you get to the other side of it that you can't explain and then when your part of that fraternity of people that have been through it you have a real responsibility to set a great example. That's what I've been trying to do ever since is live the example for other people. It's just amazing what the NFL can do for people in so many different initiatives, now it's the 'Salute To Service' month and that's amazing because what I love about the NFL is that it brings people together."

On what he's seen from the Vikings this year

"They've got a lot of really good players you know just on offense Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, Justin Jefferson. These guys, I mean that's as good of a trio as you're gonna find in the National Football League. We all know when Kirk Cousins gets hot, he can really, really throw it. I really loved what they've done on the offensive line…I just think that they've done a really good job putting together an offense that' really tough to defend. Then on defense, those guys I've got so much respect for their game…I was in Chicago and had to go against those guys twice a year. It's a really good football team and I know their record isn't indictive of how talented they are. What that film says is that this team is really dangerous, and they definitely have our full attention. They gave Baltimore all they could handle and it's gonna be a great game on Sunday."

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