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Videos - May 2021

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2021-05-01 Chargers Select Asante Samuel Jr. with No. 47 Pick in 2021 Draft
2021-05-01 Tre' McKitty Gets the Call
2021-05-01 Chargers Select Josh Palmer with No. 77 Pick in 2021 Draft
2021-05-01 Joshua Palmer Introductory Press Conference 
2021-05-01 Chargers Select Tre' McKitty with No. 97 Pick in 2021 Draft
2021-05-01 One-on-One With Third-Round Pick Joshua Palmer
2021-05-01 Asante Samuel Jr. Gets the Call
2021-05-01 Welcome to the Bolt Fam, Joshua Palmer
2021-05-01 Tre' McKitty Introductory Press Conference 
2021-05-01 Joshua Palmer Gets the Call
2021-05-01 Asante Samuel Jr. Introductory Press Conference 
2021-05-01 Brandon Staley Recaps Day 2 of 2021 NFL Draft
2021-05-01 Tom Telesco: "Asante Samuel Jr. Challenges Every Down"
2021-05-01 Breaking Down Asante Samuel Jr.'s College Highlights
2021-05-01 Zierlein: Why Asante Samuel Jr. is a Similar NFL Player to His Father
2021-05-01 One-on-One With Third-Round Pick Tre' McKitty
2021-05-01 Welcome to the Bolt Fam, Tre' McKitty
2021-05-01 Chargers Select Chris Rumph II with No. 118 Pick in 2021 Draft
2021-05-01 Chris Rumph II Introductory Press Conference
2021-05-01 One-on-One With Fourth-Round Pick Chris Rumph II
2021-05-01 Chargers Select Brenden Jaimes with the No. 159 Pick in 2021 Draft
2021-05-01 Brenden Jaimes Introductory Press Conference 
2021-05-01 Welcome to the Bolt Fam, Chris Rumph II
2021-05-01 One-on-One With Fifth-Round Pick Brenden Jaimes
2021-05-01 Chargers Select Nick Niemann with No. 185 Pick in 2021 Draft
2021-05-01 Nick Niemann Introductory Press Conference 
2021-05-01 One-on-One With Sixth-Round Pick Nick Niemann
2021-05-01 Chargers Select Larry Rountree with No. 198 Pick in 2021 Draft
2021-05-01 Larry Rountree III Introductory Press Conference
2021-05-01 Chargers Select Mark Webb with No. 241 Pick in 2021 Draft
2021-05-01 One-on-One with Sixth-Round Pick Larry Rountree III
2021-05-01 Mark Webb Introductory Press Conference 
2021-05-01 One-on-One with Seventh-Round Pick Mark Webb
2021-05-01 Chris Rumph II Gets the Call
2021-05-02 Brenden Jaimes Gets the Call
2021-05-02 Nick Nieman Gets the Call
2021-05-02 Mark Webb Gets the Call
2021-05-02 Tom Telesco Recaps Day 3 of the 2021 NFL Draft
2021-05-02 Brandon Staley: "I Like Where Our Roster Is" Post-2021 Draft
2021-05-04 Introducing the 2021 Draft Class
2021-05-04 These Dogs Need a Home!
2021-05-05 Camera On: Tom Telesco Breaks Down the 2021 Draft
2021-05-05 A Dream Come True
2021-05-06 Bolt Up ⚡️
2021-05-06 Grading Tape of Chargers Second Round Pick Asante Samuel Jr.
2021-05-06 Justin Herbert's Newest Weapons: Joshua Palmer & Tre' McKitty
2021-05-06 Chargers Weekly: Duke Manyweather on Training OT Rashawn Slater for the NFL
2021-05-11 Joey Bosa on Mental Wellness
2021-05-12 Joey Bosa Reveals Chargers 2021 Schedule...Using a PowerPoint
2021-05-12 Chargers Weekly Emergency Podcast: Game-by-Game Schedule Breakdown
2021-05-14 What Are Jon and Vinny Cooking Up at SoFi Stadium?
2021-05-14 Chris Harris Jr. On What Stands Out About Chargers' 2021 Schedule
2021-05-14 Film Review for Day 3 Selections of Chargers Draft Class
2021-05-14 Rookie Minicamp: Rashawn Slater Press Conference
2021-05-14 Asante Samuel Jr. on Day One of Rookie Minicamp
2021-05-14 Rookie Minicamp: Joshua Palmer Press Conference
2021-05-14 Coach Staley: "It Was an Exciting Day for All of Us"
2021-05-14 Rooks on the Field 🗣
2021-05-14 Camera On: Brandon Staley Reacts to 2021 Schedule
2021-05-17 Los Angeles Chargers Suite Experience
2021-05-17 Just Getting Started 😎
2021-05-20 Rookie Minicamp Takeaways, More Schedule Observations and Missouri Head Coach Eli Drinkwitz
2021-05-20 Justin Herbert Surprises Elementary Students!
2021-05-21 CBSLA: Chargers Cooking for a Mission
2021-05-24 Peter Schrager: "Justin Herbert Will Have a Giant Leap in Year 2"
2021-05-24 Derwin James: "It Felt Amazing Today"
2021-05-24 Coach Staley Recaps First Day of OTAs
2021-05-25 Bolts Are Back ⚡️
2021-05-26 Questions From a Popeyes Box: Rashawn Slater
2021-05-27 Derwin's Return and the AFC West Landscape With NFL Network's Omar Ruiz