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How Marcus Brady and Andy Bischoff Envision Chargers Offense in 2024

FTP 04.08

Chargers Passing Game Coordinator Marcus Brady and Run Game Coordinator/TEs Coach Andy Bischoff took to the podium Monday at Hoag Performance Center after the team continued Phase One of the offseason program.

Below are three takeaways from their media availability:

Landing with the Bolts

Chargers Passing Game Coordinator Marcus Brady didn't know Chargers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh personally prior to arriving to the coaching staff, but the two did have a connection with someone who was a big part of both their coaching careers.

That link was Brady's former coach and now-Chargers Senior Offensive Assistant Marc Trestman, who the two worked with at the start of their respective coaching journeys.

"Just mutual acquaintances," Brady said. "Marc Trestman, who is on staff, I worked with him quite a bit in the CFL.

"We have a great relationship, he's my mentor, he's also Jim's mentor, so that's kind of where that connection came through," Brady added. "Then I spoke to Jim on the phone, got to know each other and start talking."

Trestman took over as the head coach of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes in Brady's final season as a player.

He then gave Brady a start in coaching following his playing career as the team's wide receivers coach in 2008 and he later became their offensive coordinator in 2012.

Trestman was also a major influence in Harbaugh's start to coaching, as he was the Raiders' offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach when Harbaugh began coaching after his playing career in 2002.

Now together on the Chargers, Brady has gotten the chance to know Harbaugh more and more since arriving with the team.

"Jim's been awesome. Really passionate, loves ball, punctual," Brady said. "He's just getting us going here as a group. He's all about building relationships with one another on staff and now with the players that we got them in."

"I'm learning too. I'm getting to know him," Brady said. "It's been great, working our relationship together," Brady later added. "I got here early as one of the early guys on staff so got a chance to work with him as we were interviewing other coaches. The relationship is just going to continue to build."

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Brady's role as the Chargers Passing Game Coordinator goes farther than what the title says.

He explained that he will be helping the offensive staff in a variety of ways as the offseason rolls along and he's started by getting involved in the quarterback room.

"Helping out everywhere I can. Right now, I'm helping out in the quarterback room with [Chargers quarterbacks coach] Shane [Day], Jim pops in there as well." Brady said. "I'm in there, Marc Trestman, we're all in there with the quarterbacks. But yeah, I'm going to be heavily involved in the gameplan, working with Greg, getting my perspective."

"We'll finalize that as we continue to work through the staff as far as what our in-season responsibilities are," Brady later added. "Right now, it's just teaching these guys the offense and kind of go from there."

But all throughout the process, the main thing is to be connected every step of the way.

"As a coaching staff, we're all going to be working together," Brady said. "There are our titles, but we're all going to be working together.

"Yes, you want to marry both the pass game and run game to make things look alike so that, pre-snap, defenses don't get a beat on what you guys are actually doing," Brady added. "We will be in constant communication there."

Working with Herbert

Brady working with the quarterbacks has given him a chance to get things rolling with the Bolts franchise quarterback.

The passing game coordinator has been spending time with Justin Herbert early and getting to know how he operates in the room.

Beginning the process of installing a new offense, a lot of the work so far has been going over the offense with them — something the quarterback has responded to well according to Brady.

"He's been great in the meeting room. I mean, it's like going to Spanish class right now, they're all just learning new terminology," Brady said with a laugh. "But, he's locked in. If there's something that he doesn't know, he's asking questions."

Brady got his first in-person look at the Chargers quarterback on the field at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine during Herbert's on-field sessions.

Fast forward to present day, he remains impressed with Herbert and how he's developed since then.

"I watched Justin coming out in college," Brady said. "I was always impressed with what he is capable of doing. Then, obviously, what he's done over the past few years, early in his career.

"Just the opportunity be able to work with him — as we know, to win in this league, you have to have a good quarterback, and we have one here," Brady added. "Blessed for this opportunity to be able to work with him now. Have to find ways to get us going."

A former quarterback himself, Brady spoke glowingly about the things that have stood out about the Bolts quarterback on tape.

Couple that with a physical and efficient run game and he believes they'll be able to have a lot of success with Herbert under center.

"He's capable of doing everything, which is good. He's massive when you first see him, he's big," Brady said. "He is going to be able to take on all of the hits, which we're trying to limit, obviously, minimize those. But, he has the big arm, so he can stretch the field.

"He works good within the quick game. He really does well at all three levels," Brady added. "He's sharp, you can tell how quickly he's moving through his progressions. He's athletic. He has all the tools to be successful in all areas.

Brady added: "We just have to be able to maximize that, complement that with a good run game, and we've got a chance to be pretty good with him."

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Creating an 'epic' offense

Harbaugh and Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman have talked about the importance of building a strong, physical offense with a great run game throughout the offseason — and Andy Bischoff will have a big part getting them to that vision.

The Chargers Run Game Coordinator and tight ends coach spoke about his excitement to join Harbaugh's staff and once again work alongside Roman as well, as the two spent time on the same offensive staff in Baltimore from 2017 to 2020.

Bischoff has seen firsthand the successful run games Roman's offense can produce — and he says they want to make this one with the Bolts even better than before.

"Here and now makes it better [than before]," Bischoff said. "You always look back and say, 'Man, we could have done this a little differently. We could have tightened this up a little more.' I think we're trying to create something epic.

"This morning in our team meeting with the offense, he [Greg Roman] used the word 'epic' in front of the guys and defined it," Bischoff added. "Why not create something different than has ever been done. As much success as we've all had in different places doing different things, none of that really matters. All that really matters is right now and creating that here."

An "epic" offense not only includes the run game however.

Bischoff believes getting the run game to that point would also bode well for Herbert under center, who will be able to be maximized with a balanced attack.

"I think every great quarterback when surrounded by a quality run game has the opportunity to have plays that are a little bit of a breather play," Bischoff said. "Not everyone needs to function like [Hall of Fame QB] Peyton Manning did to win football games. Can he do that? I mean, the guy [Herbert] is brilliant. Intelligence-wise, this is a guy with rare intelligence."

"We want to protect him so he can be at his best," Bischoff later added. "We want to provide a run game that can give us balance. We want to be an offense that's different and unique for him to be able to function at his best. He's embraced it all."

And to get to where they want the offense to go, Bischoff says it all starts in the trenches.

"This offense and this building is an o-line-centric space," Bischoff said. "Whatever it was in the past, I don't know. I didn't live here. I've been here for five weeks, but I can tell you this — this is going to be an o-line-centric building.

"When it comes to our strength program, it's built around the o-line," Bischoff continued. "Everybody else fall in line. Some people don't value offensive linemen. We do. That will be shown in how we approach everything — from how we stretch to how we lift, to how we run the ball, to how we protect.

"This is a place where o-linemen are going to want to come and play because it's an o-line-centric space," Bischoff added. "We're going to raise these guys up and make them feel great about what they do, what they have to offer and not push them to the side and make them the afterthought. They are at the forefront of our thinking."

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