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This is the fifth of six letters in the "Dear Rookies" series written and read by family members of the Los Angeles Chargers' newest players. We continue with former Notre Dame safety Alohi Gilman, who the Chargers selected in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

By Asai and Keawe Gilman


We have been thinking about your journey to the NFL up to this point and wanted you to know that we couldn't be happier for you! Getting the call from the L.A. Chargers on draft day was a surreal moment, and it seemed like your journey flashed before our eyes as we watched you become overwhelmed with emotions.

Despite many challenges along your journey, you have always been driven by your passion for football. You faced immense adversity in many forms, but you stayed the course with optimism and gratitude.

Your journey through high school, NAPS, USNA, Notre Dame, and now the NFL has been nothing short of amazing, and it has taught those closest to you some invaluable lessons.

Lessons like developing an insane belief in yourself and developing a strong work ethic to hone your skills has given others the courage to also do the same.

As you begin a new journey with the L.A. Chargers, we encourage you to continue along your path. Since your first jersey number was No. 7, and you are part of a family of seven siblings, we wanted to wish you seven words of encouragement:

  1. Always keep your belief in God and remember that you are a part of Him. Remember who you are.
  2. You are Hawaiian. Continue to carry the Hawaiian values of unity, hard work, and using your heart to lead. Know that your ancestors have paved the way for you and continue to walk with you on this journey.

3. Continue to remain a warrior on the field, and a gentleman off the field. Respect all teammates and competitors.

4. Be a humble leader … a leader who serves others.

5. Always trust your gut as you make decisions during this journey. 

6. Go crazy!! Just do you and enjoy this part of your life!

And finally,

7. Know that your family loves and supports you always. The "Gillas" got you!

We honor you for your courage, insane belief in yourself, and leadership in your life. We are sooooo proud of you and we look forward to your continued journey.

We are now officially the biggest L.A. Chargers fans in Hawaii!!! Let's Goooooo! Bolt Up!!

We love you, son!


Get to know S Alohi Gilman and browse through photos of him as a kid.

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