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DJ's Mailbag: What Made Justin Herbert a Special Player Coming Out of College?

The Los Angeles Chargers play the Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 28, 2021 at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, CO.
The Los Angeles Chargers play the Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 28, 2021 at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, CO. [FINAL SCORE: DEN 28 - LAC 13]

Each week during the season, Chargers radio analyst Daniel Jeremiah will answer mailbag questions. Below is the Week 13 installment:

What does the team need to focus on heading into Week 13? -@jacob_dalessandro3

"I would say finishing, finishing drives specifically on offense. They moved the ball pretty well against the Denver Broncos, I think there was four possessions that ended inside the 37 [yard line] that resulted in no points. So, you've got to be able to finish the drive, you have to be able to finish with seven. That's going to be key, this is a Bengals team that can score in bunches. I think you've got to jump on them and finish your drives, I think that's the biggest key."

What changes/adjustments should we make to ensure a win on Sunday? -@mellany1432

"I think the biggest adjustment defensively is just tackling. Put yourself in the right position, they did a good job at that against the Broncos, but I don't think the tackling was where it needed to be. So, that's the big adjustment you can make defensively, don't assume anybody else is going to make the play, rally to the football. So that's the big key defensively and offensively again, it's just being patient and finding ways to finish."

Is there an answer besides the quick game to alleviate some pressure off the offensive line? -@ahn_dgjn

"I think when you can run the football you can alleviate some of that pressure. I think the Chargers have done a pretty good job with some chippers and helpers to help on the right side there, so that's another thing you can do. To me, quite honestly the run game is the best weapon to try and help your offensive line."

What made Herbert so special out of college? -@hudson.poole

"Well, he had the talent, I don't think anybody would dispute that with the rare size, arm strength, athletic ability combination. I think what maybe a lot of folks didn't realize was how special his work ethic was and that's something that I've been blown away by just with talking with the coaches and hearing the stories about his level of work that he puts in each and every week is outstanding, so I think that's what has made him so special."

How do you prep for the next week after a loss? -@idk19285746

"I think you've got to make the corrections. I think you've got to look and see what gave you trouble the previous week and know that you're probably going to see some of that. I mean that's the NFL, teams are going to look and see what's giving you issues and they are going to sprinkle some of that in their own game plan. You've got to make sure that coming off of a loss you identify what your mistakes were and make the corrections before you move on because there's a high probability you're going to see that again."

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