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Geremy Davis Looking to Emerge in Loaded WR Corps

As a young wide receiver looking to make his mark entering his third season, it would have been easy for Geremy Davis to grow frustrated after the Los Angeles Chargers drafted Mike Williams seventh overall.

After all, the wideout was already competing for snaps with established veterans Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin and Dontrelle Inman.

However, Davis takes the opposite approach. 

He's thrilled the team added another high-caliber player to the position, making what he believes to be the best wide receiver corps in the NFL even stronger.  When it comes to his role on the team, he's focused solely on what he can control and letting the chips fall where they may.

"As a wide receiver you've got to be greedy and want the ball," he said. "Obviously you want to show the talent that you have.  That you can make plays and catch the ball as well.  So I can only control what I can control, and that is when the ball is thrown my way, make a play and show what I can do.  If they don't throw it, at least show that I am getting open.  When someone else catches it, do my part to help make it an even bigger play."

Davis joined the Bolts last year off the New York Giants' practice squad in early November. Originally a sixth-round pick in 2015, he appeared in 10 games his rookie year.  Unfortunately, a hamstring injury suffered during last year's preseason opener limited him the rest of the summer.  With the Giants loaded at wide receiver, they waived Davis before adding him to the practice squad. 

Once again, Davis finds himself fighting for a roster spot among a deep crop of talented wideouts.  So, what does the 6-2, 217-pound receiver bring to the table?

"My size is my biggest advantage," he said. "I've always been tagged as a possession receiver, and that's my strong suit.  But I'm trying to add that YAC (yards after catch)! I'm just a guy who makes plays at wide receiver.  I do my part in both the run and the passing game, and do my best to contribute on special teams."

Davis' desire to get after it in the run game is a breath of fresh air coming from a young player. The ability to sustain blocks at the second level is critical, yet something most learn over time.

"I like to get after it in the run game to help (spring) those big runs.  Also block (downfield) for the other wideouts after they make a catch. My size is my strength, and I use it to (engage) the smaller defensive backs. I learned how important that is in high school.  My receivers coach told me if I don't block, then I won't get the ball! As I kept developing as a player and got to college, they told me the same thing. That stuck with me. You want to have a selfish attitude as a receiver because you want the ball, but you have to be unselfish and block when someone else gets it. When I look and see Melvin (Gordon), Keenan, Tyrell, Mike or someone spring it for 60, I know I played a big part of that play. "

Still, Davis is eager to show what he can do in the passing game at the next level.  After all, he is the most prolific wideout in UConn history, totaling 165 receptions and 2,292 receiving yards during his tenure with the Huskies.  However, the 25-year old knows he has plenty of room for improvement.

"I'm working on a lot of little technical things," he explained.  "Say (at practice) I over exaggerate on a curl route.  Well, I'll stay after and work on it until I get it right.  I pretty much base my focus on any issue I have that day.  I go into each day (focusing) on improving (a certain area)."

As such, Davis is routinely one of the last players off the field each day. He's grown particularly close with Tyrell Williams over the past few months, and the pair can be seen putting in extra work well after everyone else is in the locker room.

"We've created a good relationship.  We actually do Pilates together. We'll stay out there and (rehash) what went on (at practice).  Today we wanted to work on footwork when it comes to releases.  Tyrell is a guy who broke out last year in this league.  I am definitely taking whatever input he can give me.  If someone succeeds like he did, I will take whatever advice he has to give big time."

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