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From The Podium | Bolts Shift Focus to Chiefs on Short Week

09.12 FTP

Below are three takeaways from podium sessions from Monday's media session:

Chargers shift focus to Week 2

This Victory Monday for the Bolts will be short-lived, as the team now shifts its focus to Thursday Night Football where they will travel to take on the Chiefs.

Short weeks in the NFL are always difficult and different than a regular week, but Staley embraces the challenge and is ready to get to work.

"There's enough time in the day, and that's what we're trying to do, is take advantage of the time in the day, do it the best we can," Staley said. "These are fun games, in my opinion.

"These are fun games. I'm excited for our football team. We have to get to work," Staley added.

Quarterback Justin Herbert shares a similar sentiment, as he sees being in primetime as an opportunity.

"To be able to play on primetime, Thursday Night Football, it's something you always grow up dreaming about," Herbert said. "It is a quick week, a short week, but we're going to do everything we can to get prepared and get our bodies back so that we have a chance on Thursday."

The Bolts are preparing to take on a Chiefs team that looks a bit differently than previous years — at least on offense.

After trading wide receiver Tyreek Hill in the offseason, Staley talked about how they started to prepare for what is a new-look Chiefs offense.

"They have a new team and there are going to be elements that, maybe, were the same from last year, but they have a really different cast of players," Staley said. "I think that we were just trying to look at that game and learn as much as we can."

On the defensive side of the ball, Herbert understands that even if things aren't completely different, they have a lot of talent that the Bolts will have to prepare for.

"To have [Frank Clark and Chris Jones], and a secondary that flies around and plays really good defense, and some linebackers that are really talented, too, it makes for a great defense," said Herbert. "It's going to be a huge challenge for us this week."

"A short week, but we're going to have to do our best to watch as much film as we can," Herbert added.

Staley: Jackson is 50/50 to play in Kansas City

Cornerback J.C. Jackson was inactive in Week 1, and was also listed as no practicing on Monday's Injury Report, although that was an estimation because the Chargers did not practice.

But Staley provided some clarity on Jackson, who had ankle surgery 20 days ago.

"I saw J.C. this morning. His spirits were high. Today was kind of a recovery day for him because we put him through a pretty extensive workout yesterday," Staley said. "But, we'll work him out tomorrow, and then we are going to try and get him on the practice field on Wednesday for the walk-through, jog-through thing.

"We're not doing anything tomorrow, it's truly nothing [as a team]," Staley said. "We're going to put him through an individual workout. Then, I think that he should be on the field Wednesday to kind of see exactly where he is. But, he's in a better spot, I would say, than yesterday, or the day before. I would say 50/50 for the game."

As for wide receiver Keenan Allen, Staley said the team is hoping to know more as the week goes on.

Allen played 22 snaps against the Raiders but left the game in the first half with a hamstring injury.

"We're working through that right now. 11:30 [a.m.] was when we were meeting with the doctors and stuff like that. It's kind of in-progress as we speak," Staley said.

Staley, Hill talk Week 1 defensive performance

The revamped Chargers defense lived up to billing Sunday, as they finished off the win against the Raiders with back-to-back sacks.

Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa combined for 4.5 sacks, five quarterback hits and two forced fumbles in the victory. Amassing six sacks as a team, the Bolts made life difficult for the Raiders offensive line.

Overall, the defensive unit played well and only allowed 64 rushing yards against the Raiders. While Mack, Bosa and company have gotten majority of the praise because of the sack numbers (deservingly so), Staley praised the entire defensive line and pointed out their stat sheet may not have looked impressive, but they had a much bigger impact than what the numbers said.

"I just know that those runs look a lot different than they did last year. Those runs that happened yesterday, they look a lot different," Staley said.

"In the pass rush, the middle of the pocket, the reason why those edge players were able to get off yesterday is because the middle of the pocket was the way it should look. The middle push was powerful. It was a collapsing rush," Staley added.

With a plethora of new faces on that side of the ball, Chargers Defensive Coordinator Renaldo Hill mentioned that he thought everyone took it upon themselves to work on becoming a team. With a lot of those additions coming on defense, Sunday's performance from them showed Hill that they are a tight group.

"Everything wasn't perfect, but everyone was out there making sure that they were doing their job and trying to do it to their highest ability because they were trusting the guy next to them," Hill said. "That was a good sign when you get that in Week 1.

"We have a lot to build on, but these guys are a close, tight-knit group. I'm excited just moving forward with this group," Hill added.

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