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Five Fun Facts about Trovon Reed

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field. 

While you may be aware cornerback Trovon Reed had two red zone picks over the final four weeks of last season, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 38. *

  1. Avid Adventurer: Reed has become a big adventure guy as of late.  "I went (indoor) skydiving for the first time.  That was a huge fear for me so now I'm just facing all of them."  In addition to conquering heights, which he said was his biggest fear of them all, Reed said he recently went jet skiing as well.
  1. Madden Master: Reed's game of choice is Madden.  "If anybody on the team wants to play me on Madden, I'm ready.  It's my hobby that keeps me out of trouble!"  One of the craziest things about being a professional football player is seeing your likeness in Madden, but if Reed had it his way, he'd have a team of 38s.  "It is very weird!  But (I wish) I could take everybody out and put me in."
  1. Pregame Jam: "I like music but I can't sing at all.  I try to play (instruments), but I can't."  Reed said his favorite music is rap and R&B.  Above all artists, his favorite is Lil Wayne.  "He's my favorite of all-time; the best rapper ever."  Reed mentioned his favorite Lil Wayne song is "Best Rapper Alive" and it serves him good purpose on Sundays.  "That song gets me in my zone.  I listen to it before every game.  That's my hype song.  If I hear that song, it's on.  I'm ready."
  1. Family Bond: Reed is the youngest of nine children.  After his mom's death in 2010, he said his siblings practically raised him.  Even though he's the baby of the family, and with everything he and his siblings have been through, he calls himself the "big brother".  "I'm the one (my siblings) come to for everything.  I keep the family together and keep it positive.  They all revolve around me playing football.  I bring the family together because you can have family fights, but when they come to watch me, it's all peace and calm.  I'm like the voice of reason." 
  1. Namesake: "My sister came up with my name.  My name was going to be something else, but she liked Trovon better.  She knew a guy named Travon, but thought that putting the O in there would have made it better."  Reed says he prefers to go by his last name and makes the joke that he guesses his sister gave him his name for nothing. 


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