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Five Fun Facts about Isaac Rochell

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field.  *

*While you may be aware defensive end Isaac Rochell was selected in the seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 98. *

  1. Photographer in his Spare Time: Rochell's main hobby is photography.  "I was training in Arizona and Arizona is pretty.  I had eight hours a day to do whatever I wanted so I took up a nice little hobby.  I bought a used camera, had extra time and just started fooling around with it.  It's something that's healthy; I always tell people it keeps me out of trouble." His favorite subjects to shoot are portraits.  "Scenery is nice, but it's better if you have someone in the shot."  While he's only been taking photos for five months, he has a **Instagram** set up for his work: 2. First Job: "My first job was working on a farm because I grew up on one.  I always had cows, pigs and goats around."  Rochell grew up on a farm in Georgia, just south of Atlanta.  When he was old enough, he remembers asking his dad to get a summer job but his dad told him, "No, your job is helping around the house."  Rochell was in charge of feeding animals and helping in other areas.

  1. Musician He Can't Go Without: "I'm a huge Kanye fan.  I think he's the best artist right now.  I think his music is dynamic."  Rochell also said he likes how Kanye has had sustainability and longevity in an industry that is ever-evolving.  "He's had influence pretty much my entire life.  I think he crosses racial borders.  He just does a lot with his music."
  1. Once a Charger, Always a Charger: Rochell went to Eagles Landing Christian Academy in McDonough, GA where he was a member of – you guessed it – the Chargers. "It's such a coincidence and it's funny.  When I was drafted, everyone was texting me, 'Chargers!  Chargers!  Once a Charger, Always a Charger.'"
  1. College Reunion in California: Rochell joins the Chargers with his **former Notre Dame teammate and co-captain**, James Onwualu.  "It's funny because we would talk to each other at least once a week during the pre-draft process asking what visits we've each taken and who we've talked to.  And then we end up on the same team."  Rochell said he knew that Onwualu had been talking to the Bolts a lot and after the draft had ended, Onwualu sent him a text saying "I'll see you in Cali."  The rest, is history.


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