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Five Fun Facts about Geremy Davis

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field.  *

While you may be aware wide receiver Geremy Davis has been one of the players that has caught Head Coach Anthony Lynn's eye so far this offseason, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 11.

1. Tez the Tortoise: Davis has a relatively unconventional pet – a tortoise that he's had for three years.  The reasoning behind taking in his revered reptile dates back to his childhood. "I found (a tortoise) in the street in fourth grade and then someone in my family got rid of it.  But, they won't admit that to this day!  I said that when I got older, I would get (another) tortoise and I did."  Davis calls Tez a "chill" pet and said the upkeep isn't too bad. 

2. Musician of the Moment: As of late, Davis' favorite artist is John Givez.  "He's a soul-hip hop (artist).  He raps and can sing, so he does a mixture of both."  As for his favorite Givez album?  Davis says his is "Soul Rebel".  But don't peg him for a favorite track.  "There are too many songs right now to pick a specific one!"

3. Vans Fan: Some athletes really love fashion and certain brands.  For Davis, his favorite shoes are from a Southern California skate brand: Vans. "I'm from down south so no one would wear Vans.  And, I went to University of Connecticut up north so they weren't really big up there either!  When I was able to afford them myself, I would always get Vans."  It doesn't matter what type of shoe it is; from slip-ons to skate highs, Davis will sport them. 

4. Pilates Practicer: Davis started doing Pilates with teammate Tyrell Williams twice a week.  However, it was another wide receiver who influenced Davis to take up the workout.  "I saw Antonio Brown doing it.  Obviously, for a guy who is great in this league, you kind of watch what the greats do and put it into your own game."  Davis says the hardest part of Pilates is the body movements; putting himself in the positions while trying to sustain his core.  "It helps with flexibility and controlling your body movement."    

5. Man of Faith: With faith of the utmost importance to him, Davis is into Athletes in Action.  AIA is an organization that per its website, "helps sports-minded people think and live biblically at the intersection of sport and Christianity."  When he was in college, Davis and other players would do bible study and go on trips together.  "We had something called 'Ultimate Training Camp.'  It put your body physically and mentally into vigorous things, so you can rely on the Lord for those things.  Then when you're done, you (apply) that to your every day life."   


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