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Five Fun Facts about Casey Hayward

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field. 

While you may know cornerback Casey Hayward had a Pro Bowl season leading the league in interceptions (seven), here are five fun facts about number 26. *

  1. Casey3: Similar to Malcom Floyd's family ties, Hayward's brother has a pretty familiar name.  "I've got another brother named Casey.  We have different moms, but we have the same name."  If you think the fun stopped there, think again.  "And our dad's name is Casey so there's three of us."  Hayward said the most challenging part of the three of them having the same name comes when they're in the same room.  "When someone says 'Casey!'  we all turn around."
  1. Undercover Poet: While Hayward is a fan of all types of music, certain genres have inspired him to hone his own skills.  "I love to write poems.  I won't share them with people, but I like to do it.  I like stuff that rhymes and things with meaning so I like to write even to music sometimes."  Hayward said he does it all for fun and won't be dropping a mixtape a la Melvin Ingram any time soon.
  1. Pro Bowler: Much like his teammate Denzel Perryman, Hayward is a big fan of bowling.  He said his mom tried to put him in a league when he was young but it didn't last long.  Then when he got to the NFL, he would bowl regularly with his former Packers teammates and got pretty good at it.  "I think I'm a decent bowler; my high score is a 240.  I had like seven strikes in a row and messed it up on the tenth frame!"
  1. Frequent Binger: When he's not on the field, Hayward can be found at home catching up on some of his favorite television shows.  "I binge watch* so* many shows on Netflix!  If it's a top 10 show, I've probably watched it."  He cites Revenge,* Bloodline, *Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and House of Cards as his favorites.  "I binge watch so many shows they're not all even coming to my head!"
  1. Man's Best Friend?  Not So Much: If you're having Hayward over for dinner any time soon and have a four-legged friend, you better hide it.  "I don't really like dogs so if people say they have one, I ask if they can put it away as soon as I come in.  Even if they say their dog isn't going to bite, I'll say, 'That's fine!  But would you still mind putting him up?'"  A dog bit Hayward when he was a kid hence why he has an aversion.  He said if he has kids someday, they're going to have to settle for a goldfish.


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