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Exclusive First Interview with Jatavis Brown

Moments after the Chargers selected him with the 175th overall pick, outside linebacker Jatavis Brown called to give his first interview as a member of the San Diego Chargers. So what was that moment like when you got the phone call from the Chargers?

Brown: It was great.  It was the phone call I was waiting for all day so to finally get it was great.'s the connection between you and wide receiver Travis Benjamin?

Brown: He's a close friend of mine.  We played at the same high school and we lived right around the corner from each other. What is your friendship like?

Brown:He had graduated when I was in high school but we met when he came back.  We met and trained together this offseason, though. Did you ever think you would play together at the pro level?

Brown: Not at all, but now that it's happened it's great.  It's amazing.  He's a great and talented guy and it'll be fun to play with him. How would you describe your game as a linebacker?  Have the Chargers discussed how they would use you?

Brown: I'm very intense.  I like to compete and fly around and make plays.  I'm a playmaker.   They told me they would use me as a dime backer.  In a 4-3, I play outside but in a 3-4 I can play inside. you were the MAC DPOTY and didn't get invited to the Combine, do you play with a chip on your shoulder?

Brown: The accomplishment was great, but going into the draft, it didn't mean anything.  I play with a huge chip on my shoulder.  Being drafted in the fifth round will add to that chip. Is there an area of your game that you look to improve?

Brown:Oh yes, my hands.  Just by getting off blocks., what would you like to tell Chargers fans about you as a player?

Brown:You got a great player.  I'm just glad to be a part of Bolt Nation and I look forward to being there, getting there and getting to work.

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