Exclusive First Interview with Jatavis Brown

Moments after the Chargers selected him with the 175th overall pick, outside linebacker Jatavis Brown called Chargers.com to give his first interview as a member of the San Diego Chargers.

Chargers.com: So what was that moment like when you got the phone call from the Chargers?

Brown: It was great.  It was the phone call I was waiting for all day so to finally get it was great.

*Chargers.com: *What’s the connection between you and wide receiver Travis Benjamin?

Brown: He’s a close friend of mine.  We played at the same high school and we lived right around the corner from each other.

Chargers.com: What is your friendship like?

*Brown: *He had graduated when I was in high school but we met when he came back.  We met and trained together this offseason, though. 

Chargers.com: Did you ever think you would play together at the pro level?

Brown: Not at all, but now that it’s happened it’s great.  It’s amazing.  He’s a great and talented guy and it’ll be fun to play with him. 

Chargers.com: How would you describe your game as a linebacker?  Have the Chargers discussed how they would use you?

Brown: I’m very intense.  I like to compete and fly around and make plays.  I’m a playmaker.   They told me they would use me as a dime backer.  In a 4-3, I play outside but in a 3-4 I can play inside.

*Chargers.com: *Since you were the MAC DPOTY and didn’t get invited to the Combine, do you play with a chip on your shoulder?

Brown: The accomplishment was great, but going into the draft, it didn’t mean anything.  I play with a huge chip on my shoulder.  Being drafted in the fifth round will add to that chip.

Chargers.com: Is there an area of your game that you look to improve?

*Brown: *Oh yes, my hands.  Just by getting off blocks.

*Chargers.com: *Finally, what would you like to tell Chargers fans about you as a player?

*Brown: *You got a great player.  I’m just glad to be a part of Bolt Nation and I look forward to being there, getting there and getting to work.

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