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Edge Rushers Embrace NFL Expectations at 2024 Combine

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The prospects stepped up to the podium Wednesday in Indianapolis.

Defensive line, edge rusher and linebacker prospects answered questions from the media at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine

Here are some of the top quotes from some of the prospects that spoke Wednesday.

These players are listed in alphabetical order and quotes Wednesday podium sessions:

Latu Combine

EDGE Laiatu Latu, UCLA

On his journey to get to this point:

"Really it was being told you would never play football again. I never let it get the best of me. I continuously worked out, I continuously got stronger, continuously worked on my pass rush moves and stuff like that. Really just locked in and never gave up on my dreams. I had dreams of being in this moment, being in the NFL since I was a kid and I never gave up on that."

On one of his best abilities:

"It's my bending ability at the top of the rush, being able to gander those tackles and make it hard for them to counter back and block me at the top of the rush."

On what he wants to prove in the Combine drills:

"Really I want to prove that I'm continuously getting stronger, faster, hitting the numbers that I want and definitely in the drill work that I'm smooth and crisp. That that's not changed since the season."

Murphy Combine

DT Byron Murphy II, Texas

On pressure rate from the interior:

"First, I'll say just having the mindset of just being, 'Can't be stopped, won't be stopped.' And just doing my best just to try to be disruptive at all times," Murphy said. "Just trying to get after the quarterback, just rushing at all times each and every play – just going hard, just giving 110% with great effort."

On the feeling of getting a run stuff:

"I feel like that's one of the best feelings in the world, because obviously, you know, you're doing your job. To split a double team, getting a TFL, that's pretty hard to do – that's hard work right there, and a lot of guys can't do that."

On what he brings to a team:

"I'll say I bring hard work. Also, I bring leadership. I wanna say grit, you know determination. And also just being a great team player."

Newton Combine

DT Jer'Zhan Newton, Illinois

On what separates him as a prospect:

"I just feel like my pre-snap recognition, me knowing the plays ahead of time. I feel like that's what can separate me a lot, me watching a lot of film, knowing what the offense is going to do before they even do it."

On playing running back in high school and how it helped with footwork:

"I played running back in high school so I feel like that footwork transitioned to defensive line. I know my speed can take me a long. First step, getting off the ball quick and attacking offensive lineman. I feel like I can give them a lot of trouble like that."

On his mentality:

"Just making the plays that come to me, not chasing any plays. I mean pass rush, I'm going to chase him every time but never not doing my job just to make the play. I'm just doing what I'm told but executing at a high level."

Trice Combine

EDGE Bralen Trice, Washington

On his pass rush plan:

"A lot of the time it's setting up moves with other moves. Consistency out there. It's like a chess game out there between you and that guy in front of you. You can't go out there without a plan. You've got to be thinking on your toes all the time. Setting up power moves for me is a big thing. Working on those speed moves is huge for me right now."

On his goals for the week:

"I think I'm going to be the best version of myself out there. I'm an athlete just like these guys out here. I showed that on my film every game. I'm just grateful for the opportunity to be here."

On his testing goals:

"The 40 [yard dash] for sure. People think I'm slow for some reason. I'm going to go out there, and I think a lot of people are going to be proven wrong. I'm just excited to get the chance to go out there."

Trotter Combine

LB Jeremiah Trotter, Jr., Clemson

On his perspective of the NFL with a father who played:

"My dad, being in the league growing up, being around the game basically my whole life, he's taught me a lot about playing the linebacker position. He's definitely helped me get to this position here and I give a lot of credit to him. I really thank him for everything that's taught me."

On if his father gave him advice on the Combine:

"He gave me a little bit of advice, how his process went. It was a different time, but still a lot of things they're saying and what questions they may ask you and the type of mindset you have to go into it. He's been giving me some tips I've been trying to use and really learn from it and soak it all in."

On what makes him 'the best linebacker in the class':

"I feel I have a lot of capability of being a three-down linebacker. I have a wide variety of talent and a lot of versatility in my game. A lot of linebackers in this draft class I tip my hat up to. They're great linebackers, they're great players, and guys I also watched and really respect their game."

Turner Combine

EDGE Dallas Turner, Alabama

On what sets him apart from other pass rushers:

"Probably my ability, my explosiveness, my versatility of being able to play off the ball and be on the ball as well. There's many things that make me the player on the field."

On former Alabama HC Nick Saban retiring:

"It kind of hurt a lot of people's hearts because they think you can coach college football forever, but you can't. I feel like he opened a lot of opportunities and touched a lot of hearts and minds, as well, in the players he's coached."

On transitioning to the next level:

"Obviously the main difference between the next level and the college level is the talent level, but you've always had that confidence and put the work in every single day because you're a professional and this is your job."

Verse Combine

EDGE Jared Verse, Florida State

On his journey starting at Albany:

"It's all changed. I mean, I've always been it was going to come. My family had no doubt in me, with my hard work and my athletic capabilities, taking advantage of every opportunity that came my way. Albany, you know, helped me flourish, they helped me grow. Going to Florida State was something that changed my life for the better. And you know, ultimately being in this position today being around all these athletic guys, being in Indianapolis is just something I dreamed of. Kind of knew it was coming but I just had to stay focused."

On the draft class:

"I have respect for everyone in this class. All these guys are hard-working guys. I don't feel there's anything athletic that separates you from these guys. There's dudes that are fast, there's dudes out here that are strong. I think the only thing that I have guys over all these guys is that I had to earn was my hard-working ability. Being at Albany made me get that, being that coming out of high school I only had that one offer is something that forced me to have that ability."

On getting past a tackle and getting a sack:

"It means a lot. I've done that before. It's nothing like too crazy to me. But to actually get there and put him down, haver everybody kind of hyped up I don't even have, like, celebrations. I'm just running around crazy. So I had to get back to the huddle. It meant a lot just know that you know all that hard work in the offseason paid off."

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