Season Ticket Policy

This Season Ticket Policy (the "Policy") of the Chargers governs the purchase and use of Season Tickets to L.A. Chargers games. This Policy applies to the person or entity identified as the account holder ("Account Holder") of season tickets ("Season Tickets") for those certain seats designated in the Account Holder's season ticket account(s) for L.A. Chargers games ("Games") at StubHub Center, as well as anyone using a Season Ticket for entrance to an L.A. Chargers game. This Policy governs the purchase and use of Season Tickets in any respect. All Account Holders are bound by this Policy, as is anyone who presents a Season Ticket for entrance to an L.A. Chargers game.

(1) Season Ticket Accounts

A Season Ticket Account as well as each individual game ticket issued under the Account (hereafter “Season Ticket Account“) is a revocable license issued for a given NFL season by the Chargers. Season Ticket Accounts and the use of any Season Ticket are subject to the terms, conditions and policies, including without limitation the Chargers Code of Conduct[1] , established by the Chargers in its sole discretion. These policies may be found on the Chargers website and in materials prepared by the Chargers, and may also be posted in game locations. Neither a Season Ticket Account, nor the opportunity to establish a Season Ticket Account, constitutes any form of legal, equitable, prescriptive or contractual property right under any applicable law.

This Policy may be modified and supplemented at any time by the Chargers without notice. Any modifications or new policies will be effective when adopted, including immediately in the Season during which they are adopted. Account Holders should not rely upon or have any expectation that policies presently applicable to Season Ticket Accounts will continue to apply in the future.

(2) Individual Game Tickets

An individual game ticket grants the holder of that ticket a revocable license to enter StubHub Center for the specified Game, and a spectator seat or location for that Game, on the date and time specified on the ticket. This license may be revoked and admission refused at the sole discretion of the Chargers. The Chargers reserve the right, without the refund of any portion of the ticket purchase price, to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed disorderly or fails to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein.

(3) Mobile Ticket Policy

Entry into the StubHub Center for 2018 Games will require a mobile ticket accessible only by logging on to the My Chargers Account at or through the Official Chargers app on an iPhone or Android device. To better protect our valued customers, there will no longer be any PDF ticket delivery and neither PDF printouts nor on-screen PDF tickets will be allowed for entrance into Games. The Chargers have sole discretion and reserve all rights to adopt policies at any time that can apply with immediate effect to ticket delivery method, format, and use, including mobile-only mechanisms.

Any smartphone or mobile device that has internet capabilities and can access the My Chargers Account at will be able to access mobile tickets. Game attendees entering StubHub Center using mobile tickets will be given a seat locator upon scanning the mobile ticket at the gates. Attendees must hold onto this seat locator throughout the game. If attendees encounter any problems using their mobile tickets, they should visit the Chargers Ticket Windows at the Northwest Gate of the StubHub Center, bringing with them photo identification for account verification.

(4) Transfer of Individual Game Tickets

Individual Game Tickets may only be transferred or forwarded electronically through My Chargers Account or in their original souvenir stock form. Mobile tickets cannot be transferred as a PDF using any other form of delivery. Neither PDF printouts nor on-screen PDF tickets will be allowed for entrance into the game, or any other format other than specifically permitted by the Chargers. The Chargers reserve all rights on the mechanisms or format of ticket delivery or use, including the use of a mobile-only platform.

Recipients of mobile tickets will be required to create a My Chargers Account of their own at to access their tickets. Once recipients receive their tickets on their account, they can use the 'View Your Tickets' option to display their mobile tickets and enter the StubHub Center.

The Chargers reserve the right to enforce a policy that all season tickets should be used by Season Ticket Account Holders and their personal guests. Any ticket purchased with the primary purpose and intent of reselling the ticket on the secondary market is subject to revocation.

(5) Transfer of a Season Ticket Account

Season Ticket Accounts are nontransferable without the prior approval of the Chargers. Such approval may be withheld by the Chargers in its sole discretion. The Chargers reserve the right to mandate policies governing the resale of any Chargers Season Tickets, which policies may apply with immediate effect as directed by the Chargers in its sole discretion.

(6) Revocation or Cancellation of a Season Ticket Account

The Chargers retain the right to revoke or cancel a Season Ticket Account without refund for reasons including but not limited to: failure to meet payment deadlines, drunkenness, disorderly behavior, habitual misconduct, fraudulent activity, scalping or improper resale of tickets, changes in Chargers Season Ticket policies, violation of applicable law or any Chargers or StubHub Center policies, the purchase of tickets to Games for the primary purpose and intent of reselling the ticket on the secondary market, or failure to abide by the Chargers Code of Conduct. Account Holders are accountable for the actions of those using the tickets even if the Account Holder is not present. All policies applicable to Season Ticket Account Holders governing the purchase, resale or use of Season Tickets apply with equal effect to anyone who presents a Season Ticket for entrance to a game.

(7) Seats Reserved for Those with Disabilities

Certain seats at StubHub Center are designated for use by persons with disabilities and their companions. It is a violation of state law for any person who is not disabled to purchase and use tickets for such seats. California Civil Code section 54.3 provides that any person who interferes with the rights of any individual with a disability is liable for money damages of a minimum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) and a maximum (if greater) of three times the amount of actual damages, plus attorney’s fees as may be determined by the court.

(8) Seat Locations

The Chargers reserve the right and have sole discretion to relocate the purchaser of any seats if the seats are damaged, destroyed, removed or otherwise rendered unusable or in connection with any construction or renovation projects at the stadium or for any other good cause.

(9) Refund Policy

Game date and time are subject to change by the NFL under its policies or due to other actions or events beyond the NFL’s control. No refund will be made if the holder of the ticket cannot attend. If the Chargers play the game elsewhere than the StubHub Center, or if it is cancelled and not rescheduled, the sole remedy shall be refund of the original ticket purchase price.

(10) Limitation on Liability

By purchasing and/or using Season Tickets to Chargers games, the Account Holder, as well as anyone using a Season Ticket for entrance to a Chargers game, voluntarily waives any claims against the Chargers, stadium operator, promoter, sponsors, participants, the NFL, and its other member clubs, NFL properties, sponsors, media partners, and/or their respective related parties, affiliates, licensees, advertisers, broadcasters or agents (collectively, "Chargers and NFL Parties"), for all risks of bodily injury, crime, property damage, loss, or theft that may occur on any part of the stadium premises (including the parking lot) prior to, during, or after the game. The Chargers and NFL Parties' liability for any breach of any term of this Policy shall not exceed the original ticket purchase price. The Chargers and NFL Parties shall not be liable for special, consequential, incidental, indirect, or exemplary damages of any kind. By tendering a ticket and entering the StubHub Center, the Account Holder, as well as anyone using a Season Ticket for entrance, consents to searches of person and belongings and to confiscation of prohibited items and waives any related claims against the Chargers and NFL Parties. Failure to consent to such searches will result in exclusion of the Account Holder, as well as anyone using the Account Holder’s ticket, from the StubHub Center. The Account Holder hereby agrees and consents to the full release of his/her biographical information and reports, citations, notes, or criminal complaints drafted or maintained by law enforcement relating to his/her acts at the StubHub Center necessitating contact by law enforcement, by the Chargers or its authorized agents.