Oct 23
win SD Chargers 33 30 ATL Falcons
By Hayley Elwood
The Bolts rallied back from a 17-point deficit to nab their third win of the season. Read

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Plan how to watch the San Diego Chargers as they take on the Atlanta Falcons. Read
By Ricky Henne
The edge rusher impressed this preseason for the Bolts. Read

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Fan Poll

Who was the MVP in the Win Over the Broncos?

Philip Rivers
23% (351 votes)
Hunter Henry
22% (339 votes)
Jatavis Brown
52% (801 votes)
Korey Toomer
3% (39 votes)
Total votes: 1530


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By Joe Gigliotti
Here is what notable fantasy football experts are saying going into the game vs. the Falcons. Read
By Ricky Henne and Hayley Elwood
A look at what notable players and coaches are saying about the Chargers heading into Week 7. Read
By Ricky Henne
A look at five keys to the game between the Bolts and Falcons. Read

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