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Three Takeaways: Troy Reeder Explains "Perfect Fit" with Chargers

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Below are three takeaways from Troy Reeder's introductory press conference on Monday.

Excited to play for a 'dangerous' Chargers team

Monday was a busy day for the Bolts as it marked the official start of Phase One of the Chargers' offseason program. It not only reunited the team for the first time in just over three months, but it also gave three new members of the Bolts roster a chance to talk about why they picked L.A. as their new home during free agency.

First up at the podium was new Chargers linebacker, Troy Reeder. Reeder, who had ties to head coach Brandon Staley when he served as the Rams defensive coordinator for the 2020 season, now joins Sebastian Joseph-Day, Khalil Mack and Gerald Everett as free agents signed by the Bolts who are familiar with Staley and his coaching style. Reeder explained why joining the Bolts this offseason was the 'perfect fit' for him.

"It's a defense that I really believe in," Reeder said. "The culture and standard that I know [Staley] had set here was something really exciting after coming off a pretty successful three years with a team that I felt like was always as good as anyone. I wanted to play for another team that had just as good of a shot. What an exciting place this is with the people that we have in this building. I'm still getting to know everybody, but from afar last year, watching this team grow — they're dangerous. I'm happy to join."

Reeder looked back on his time with Staley with the Rams in 2020 and talked about how he took the defense to 'the next level' during his time as the team's defensive coordinator.

"It was his first experience being a defensive coordinator, but it didn't feel like it," Reeder said of Staley. "He instantly just grabbed us with his attention to detail, the effort he was putting in — it was contagious to us. We felt like he took us to the next level, in terms of our defense. We finished No. 1 in a lot of categories. We were bought in to him. I feel that here, but more from a whole team, not just the defense. Guys are bought into him as a leader. This defense and this team, I think, is ready for the next step."

More reunions for Reeder

Although Reeder's first day working out and meeting with the team was on Monday, along with Staley, he already has more familiarity across the Bolts roster. Since joining the league as an undrafted free agent in 2019, Reeder played alongside Chargers new defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day and Chargers new tight end Gerald Everett for multiple seasons when they were with the Rams.

Reeder was also college teammates with Chargers safety Nassir Adderley at the University of Delaware but prior to his time with the Blue Hens, he started his collegiate football career at Penn State, where he was teammates with Chargers' new defensive lineman, Austin Johnson. Reeder shared how 'special' it is to reunite with his college teammates.

"Reuniting with Nas is a really special feeling because it's two guys," Reeder said. "— We went to a small school where not a lot of people get this opportunity. To both be going into year four now, when sometimes it felt like the odds were against us, and be able to play for the same team in blue and gold — very similar to our college colors. It's very cool. I can't wait to get on the field and get working with him."

Reeder talked about how Adderley actually reached out to him during free agency and how he's been able to reconnect with all of his former teammates.

"I talked with Sebastian early on," he said. "Nasir hit me up and somehow hit me up before I even knew that [the news] had kind of broken. He sent me a picture of us playing together at Delaware, which was really cool and kind of made me want to go back and look at some of the stuff. I've spoken with all of those guys now. We all feel the same way — we're all just excited to be here and be part of something special."

Looking to make a big impact 'in every phase'

Reeder started seven games at linebacker during the 2020 season with Staley and 10 games in 2021 en route to becoming a Super Bowl champion with the Rams where he also played 62% of snaps on special teams during the regular season.

As for what he thinks his role will be on his new team? Reeder talked about how he wants to contribute in any way and phase he can.

"I want to make as big of an impact as I can in every phase," he said. "I started a lot of games for [Staley] at linebacker. I have a lot of experience there. I also feel like when I've been a full-time special teams player that I've been able to do that at a really high level. Sometimes, I've played that role where it's half-and-half. I've done all of those different roles in different capacities throughout my three years. We'll see. I'm just ready to work in however I can help the team the best."

Communication is key in order to have success in Staley's scheme according to Reeder, and the fourth-year linebacker explained the advantage he has when it comes to joining up with the Bolts defense.

"I'm coming in and I know what all of the positions are called, the different techniques, the coverages, the numbering system. All of that is super familiar to me and some of those other guys. I think it's just going to let us hop in quicker. There are going to be some wrinkles along the way that are new to us, but I think it's going to help us hop in faster and have success early."

Reeder wrapped up his press conference talking about all the things that go into free agency and his excitement for how everything came together to land him on the Chargers roster.

"For it to all work out is really exciting. Coming right down the road, it doesn't get much better than this. I'm just excited to go."

Check out some photos of the Chargers arriving for the off-season program at Hoag Performance Center.

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