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Transcript - Head Coach Anthony Lynn (Sept. 24, 2018)

Monday, September 24, 2018 | Hoag Performance Center | Costa Mesa, Calif.


Opening statement:

"We have a lot of tape to watch and a lot of learning. Win, lose or draw, Monday is our biggest learning day. We have a lot to get done."

On signing RB Justin Jackson to the active roster:

"I think Justin has been doing a good job. I want to see him. We didn't have him for the preseason. I had a chance to look at him now. [RB] Detrez [Newsome], he did nothing wrong. I love what he did in preseason. He made this roster. He has to clear waivers and we will see what happens."

On Jackson:

"He's a versatile back. He can play all three downs and he's highly productive. He was in high school, he was in college and I want to get a look at him."

On if other teams were interested in Jackson:

"Not that I know of."

On P Drew Kaser:

"He came back into the game. I believe he's fine."

On Jackson's role on special teams:

"We have to improve the personnel in that area. I think that he's been doing a good job in practice on teams. We'll definitely have a role for him on special teams."

On WR Mike Williams:

"Last year, he wasn't healthy. He didn't practice a lot and was kind of learning on the run. This year he's more comfortable. He hasn't missed many practices this year. He has been really consistent."

On Mike Williams' confidence:

"I think his confidence right now is at an all-time high. He's looking good."

On WR Keenan Allen:

"As far as I know, Keenan was fine. He [stands] behind me [on the sideline], so I don't know what's going on behind me. On the field, I thought he was fine."

On DE Joey Bosa:

"I think the cast is coming off soon. My update on Joey is the same old, same old. We won't have him this week. I don't want to get in the habit of ruling players out on Mondays, but I know we won't have Joey this week."

On T Joe Barksdale:

"He could be back sooner than I thought. We'll wait and see."

On what stuck out on film about yesterday's game:

"A couple of things: A couple of young guys making unsportsmanlike conducts [penalties]. We don't do that here. [LB] Kyzir [White] wasn't even sure that he was wrong in what he did, but that has to be corrected. We won't have another one of those, I promise you."

On LB Kyzir White's penalty:

"I liked his emotion, I liked his energy, but the referees, they're calling it tight. He didn't do a whole lot. He was just standing in a guy's face and was talking. I don't know what he said, but he got an unsportsmanlike conduct foul because of that. That's back-to-back weeks [that we had one]. We're not going to have them."

On the blocked punt:

"We have to do a better job executing with our punter, number one. You can't take a three-step approach when you're backed up like that. [It needs to be] one step and get the ball out. The ball should be gone. I don't think the punt block ever should have happened, but we didn't execute that. That was talked about a little bit as well."

On the punt protection on the blocked punt:

"The protection when backed up like that is good to build on because they're going to rush. You can't get depth because you don't have the depth to give. There was some leakage there coming up the middle, but that ball could have been gone."

On speaking with Kaser about the blocked punt:

"We talked about it. He just has to do a better job of executing in that situation and understanding the urgency that you have to have to get that ball out."

On the pass rush:

"There was nothing on tape that I didn't see yesterday. We need more pressure. They slid protection toward [DE Melvin] Mel [Ingram III], they chipped Mel. They're going to do all of that. We're going to be one-on-one on the backside and we have to win. Somebody has to win."

On DE Isaac Rochell:

"Isaac played a solid game, but we could use more pass rush out of him, for sure."

On the possibility of blitzing more on defense:

"We've done some of that. Did we do enough of it yesterday? I don't know. We did blitz more in Week 2 and Week 1. To get something, you have to give up something. Their weapons at the wide receiver position puts us on an island. It's a balancing act right there."

On blitzing less when playing talented receivers:

"We've played that bend-don't-break. Last year, we were third in the league in points [allowed] because we can play that style of defense. It just didn't work out yesterday."

On the importance of the front four in those situations:

"They get there or you have so much coverage that it doesn't matter. It's one or the other. To blitz more, you have to play more man [coverage]. You have to put wide receivers on islands — and some of those matchups, you may not like. There's a balance. We have to find that balance."

On DE Melvin Ingram III getting more attention from offenses without Bosa on the field:

"There's going to be [more attention paid to Ingram] when you don't have Joey Bosa on the other side, absolutely."

On S Derwin James not blitzing as much:

"If you put him in the box and you blitz him, then you have to give up something on the back end. We like him playing both. We like him in the box and also on the back end — he got that interception yesterday. His range back there is important when playing against certain receivers."

On the interception being an example of James' range:

"Oh, absolutely. He broke on that ball — I wish that he had stayed in bounds and scored or just stayed in the end zone. We would rather have that touchback or a touchdown."

On 49ers QB C.J. Beathard:

"You know, I haven't seen a lot of him. It's nothing that we haven't done before. We faced that in Week 1, we faced it in Week 2. We just haven't seen a lot of this quarterback. We are going to study him this afternoon and have a better feel for him come Wednesday when the guys get back."

On if Beathard played in the final preseason game:

"He played some in the preseason, yeah. He sure did. We'll watch all of the preseason tape and any game tape from last year."

On 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan:

"It's [a] special [relationship]. It's no different than [Rams Head Coach] Sean McVay. We all grew up in the same system. Those guys were around when I was playing for their dads. I've known them all of their professional life. Those relationships are pretty special. Kyle, I played for his dad [former Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan]. His dad brought me into this business as a coach. He's still a mentor to me right now. He won't talk to me much this week, but after this week maybe he will."

On if Kyle Shanahan was a ball boy when he played for Denver:

"Yeah, Kyle was a ball boy. He was always around."

On Kyle Shanahan as a head coach:

"He was raised in a coach's household. Coach [Mike] Shanahan, he's a Hall of Fame coach in my opinion. Kyle was always in football. He was a wide receiver at the University of Texas and Duke. While he was there, he was already evaluating players and giving us an inside scoop on this guy and that guy. He's been doing it for a long time."

On playing for Mike Shanahan:

"He's very detailed. He knows how to use players and put them in the right position."

On preparing for Kyle Shanahan's offense:

"It's difficult because it's very similar to what we just saw last week. The quarterback is always on the move. The launch point is changing. It's hard to get pressure on him. They can also hurt you with their legs."

On playing against San Francisco:

"It's a special organization in my heart, for sure. It started with [former 49ers Owner] Mr. [Edward] DeBartolo [Jr.]. He was the owner when I was there. He was one of the best owners in the league I thought, at that time. Now, you have [49ers Chief Executive Officer] Jed [York] running the organization so I'm very close to all of those guys. Now, Kyle is there."

On former 49ers Owner Edward DeBartolo Jr.:

"He was first class. Everything he did, he did it to the max. That's the way he treated every player on that team and that's the way he ran that organization. Jed [York] is trying to get them back to there now."

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