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Three Takeaways: Why Sebastian Joseph-Day Described the Chargers as a "Perfect Fit"

Sebastian FTP

Below are three takeaways from Sebastian Joseph-Day's introductory press conference on Thursday.

Chargers' scheme is a 'perfect fit'

Last week, Chargers defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day took a tour of his new team's facility and talked about his excitement around joining the Bolts. Just like his new teammate, Khalil Mack, joining the Bolts also means he reunites with head coach Brandon Staley.

Joseph-Day and Staley worked together with the Rams during the 2020 season while Staley was the defensive coordinator. Joseph-Day talked about how when he went to introduce himself to Staley at the Rams, Staley already knew who he was and saw a bright future for him as an up-and-coming defensive lineman.

"That gives you a different type of confidence," Joseph-Day said. "I was always confident, but hearing that — then, obviously, the relationship that we built — him caring for who you are as a person, not just as a player, makes you want to ride for that guy. You don't just want to play your best for yourself, but also for a guy like him."

Joseph-Day talked about how his time with Staley allowed him to be a better football player through film study and discussed why he feels Staley and the Chargers' scheme are a 'perfect fit.'

"With [Staley's] scheme, it's about being strong at the point [of attack]," Joseph-Day said. "You have to have strong hands and be heavy-handed, but also, you have to be intelligent and be able to read what you see, read formations, sets, see keys, backfield sets, tips and stuff like that. I was able to learn that and be able to thrive in it, thanks to Staley, since he taught it to us. I think that's just why it's a perfect fit."

Able to continue his efforts on and off the field in L.A.

As he smiled ear to ear, Joseph-Day also went into other reasons for staying in L.A. and signing with the Chargers. Joseph-Day, who is involved in several charities and also launched "Bashing Hunger" that focuses on combating hunger, explained why staying in L.A. allows him to focus on his efforts both on and off the field.

"It was a mixture of me wanting to be somewhere where I know that I will be very successful, but with a lot of the stuff that I do off of the field, as well," he said. "Continue to do that. With my charity work and the media stuff that I do off of the field, it was, honestly, a perfect mesh. It all worked out."

Joseph-Day, who said he focuses on being himself and appreciating every day, talked about why it's important to give back to the community.

"L.A. is such a beautiful place with so many beautiful pockets," he said. "In essence, the community is the most important thing for the future generation. Just always trying to give back to our youth, helping them grow and be a positive influence — influencing them a little bit goes a long way. That's why I wanted to stay out here."

Joining a 'stacked' roster

Joseph-Day now joins Mack, J.C. Jackson and Austin Johnson as the Chargers' new additions on defense for the 2022 season. He talked about playing with his new teammates and the potential this 'loaded' Chargers roster has.

"It's lit," he said. "It's up. [OLB] Khalil Mack, [S] Derwin James [Jr.], [CB] Asante Samuel Jr., [CB] J.C. Jackson, [DL] A.J. [Austin Johnson], me, obviously, on the other side, [WR] Keenan Allen, [Mike] Williams, Herbo [QB Justin Herbert]. The O-line has [C Corey] Linsley at center. I played against him, he's a great player — one of the best centers I've played against. We're loaded… It's fun when you see that much potential, but then again, potential doesn't mean anything. You have to bring your hardhat and lunch pail, get to it each and every day. We're going to get to it, for sure."

The Chargers' new defensive lineman not only brings high-spirits and good energy to the Bolts defense, but also has a knack for stopping the run. He talked about what he needs to do next season to bring a boost to the Chargers run defense.

"Just being myself, taking it one day at a time," he said. "Not thinking about last year, because it's a new year now, and just being available, being myself and doing the right things each and every day."

The former sixth-round draft pick out of Rutgers talked about the opportunity to play for the Bolts heading into his fifth season in the NFL and how his main goal is to continue to improve.

"There were a lot of odds stacked against me. I'm just blessed and thankful. I'm thankful to be here. Just being here, in general, it still surreal. I won't take it for granted, that's for sure."

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