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Why Quentin Johnston Can't Wait to Play for Jim Harbaugh

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Jim Harbaugh and Quentin Johnston have some history together.

The two were on opposing sidelines in the 2022 College Football Playoff when Harbaugh's Michigan squad fell just short against Johnston's TCU squad in the Fiesta Bowl.

Now the two will be with the Bolts after Harbaugh was recently hired as the new Chargers Head Coach.

Johnston went on the Fantasy Football Happy Hour With Matthew Berry podcast last week in Las Vegas and said he's fired up to be wearing the same colors as Harbaugh now.

"Very excited. I actually talked to him a day or two after [he was hired]," Johnston said. "We kind of brought it up together, the TCU vs. Michigan game. It was a great conversation with him just [talking about] hopes for the future, starting to slowly map some stuff out. I'm very excited."

Johnston had six catches for 163 yards and a score in that game, a performance that helped make him a 2023 first-round pick by the Chargers.

He had 38 catches for 431 yards and two touchdowns in his first NFL season but said last week that he's working on taking his game to an even higher level in Year 2.

"I'm looking on improving a lot. I feel like this last year was a big learning experience for me … had a lot of ups, had a lot of downs," Johnston said. "But looking back on my last season, just using that as fuel. Just taking everything I could have done better and tweaking it going into next season."

He later added: "Just stepping out more than I did last year. I'm more comfortable. I'm looking to expand myself and looking to do some of the same stuff I was doing in college: yards after catch, deep balls, stuff like that."

Part of that projected success, Johnston said, is a continued rapport with quarterback Justin Herbert.

"As the season went on, it got better and better," Johnston said. "We're going to continue to link up this offseason to continue that quarterback and receiver relationship."

Johnston said he took some time off after the season and hung out with family in Texas but said he's back to training and getting ready for the 2024 season.

Johnston said he's taking lessons learned from teammates in 2023 and applying them to his offseason plan.

"The main thing I learned was how to be a pro. When you make it to the pro level, that doesn't just mean you're a pro," Johnston said. "You have to learn how to be a pro — nutrition, off the field, time management — and then still be ready and have your full focus coming into the practice field and [on] game [day]."

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