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Philip Rivers Names His Primary Goal for the Offseason

Entering his 14th season in the league, Philip Rivers has had a lot of change this offseason.  Despite a new head coach and city, OTAs have brought back a sense of normalcy for the QB.

Each year, number 17 sets a primary goal he wants to focus on during the offseason. While he said he's not into setting goals for distinct phases of OTAs, mini camp or training camp, he has one overarching objective he wants to achieve.

"I've just really kind of narrowed it down to protecting the ball this offseason," Rivers said.  "Obviously there are things in the pocket and all the different drills we do.  I know it's broad, and there's a story to every turnover, but really it's about protecting the football."

While the quarterback led an explosive offense in 2016 and was named to another Pro Bowl, he threw too many interceptions down the stretch.  Although last season didn't go as planned in that department, in order to turn things around for 2017, Rivers knows the work he puts in during this offseason will likely help.

"Now is the time to try to make some throws.  You don't want to go out there and play scared.  We're recreating that habit of protecting the ball and so far, it's been a pretty good start…. I just think that if we do that, if I do a better job of that, you're automatically winning a few more games than you won last year.  And then, you give yourself a chance in those other games that are down to the wire."

Though he believes there is a rhyme or reason for every turnover, Rivers put the onus on himself for the interceptions.

"I know there's been a handful more in the last few years than years' previous.  Again, there's a story to all of them, but I take full responsibility for them.  I know that's something that if I do a heck of a job taking care of the football, then it gives our team the best chance to be successful."

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