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DJ's Mailbag: What Should the Chargers Focus on This Offseason?

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Each week during the 2021 season, Chargers radio analyst Daniel Jeremiah answered mailbag questions.

Below is the special offseason installment:

With the Combine coming up what is something that you keep a close eye on that maybe the average fan doesn't? -@bigmanbrown714

That's a great question. I always enjoy watching the corners run and I always like watching them move in their field workouts because a lot of times, these colleges have their corners only playing in one particular scheme and one particular technique. The Combine gives you an opportunity to see how they would perform in every type of coverage, every type of technique, and it covers up some of the gaps you might have from the fall.

What's the most important position for the Chargers to upgrade this offseason? -@jeremy99xx

Defensive line. Just becoming a more dominant front that can take some of the pressure off the back end. I think you can look at a lot of areas of this defense that need to be addressed, but finding some more quality players on that defensive line would be where I would start.

What [positions] should the Chargers [target] in free agency? -@juan_t04_

I don't think it's a great free agency year, especially in terms of tackles. I know a lot of people have pointed to the right tackle trying to find a spot there. I think you are probably more likely to find a tackle in the draft, it's a good, deep tackle draft.

In terms of what you can do in free agency, I would say you know, maybe adding to the corner position depending on who gets tagged around the league. I think there could be some interesting names out there.

What are your top three needs for the Chargers? -@bigmanbrown714

I would say, pass rusher, whether that's inside or outside just getting another pass rusher would be number one. I would probably say corner number two and then I would say right tackle would be number three.

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