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Kellen Moore Outlines Vision for Chargers Offense

FTP 02.02

Below are three takeaways from Chargers Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore from Wednesday's media session:

Moore brings different styles to Bolts offense

New Chargers Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore was officially introduced on Wednesday and held his first virtual media availability.

As Moore begins his new journey, he hopes to put his diverse experiences to use in an offense led by quarterback Justin Herbert. Whether it be as a player or as a coach, Moore has been able to learn a number of different offensive styles that have molded him as an offensive play caller — including former Chargers Head Coach and 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist Don Coryell's scheme.

And he will bring those experiences to the 2023 Bolts offense, as he hopes to use everything that is necessary to succeed.

"From an offensive perspective, you take bits and pieces from everyone, and I think that's the beauty of it," Moore said. "We're going to build a 2023 L.A. Chargers offense.

"Will you be able to see the Air Coryell, Jason Garrett side? Absolutely. Will you see the West Coast, Mike McCarthy side? Absolutely," Moore added. "We'll keep things that are in place here that Justin [Herbert] feels really, really good about."

Having been able to see multiple different styles has helped Moore throughout his time as a coach, and it is something he has enjoyed going through in every path of his career so far.

"I think that's the beauty of this thing — you learn from each and every person," Moore said. "I'm very thankful for the different coaches I've had along my journey.

"It's really cool, I think, to see the strength from all of these different perspectives and be able to grab different things from each guy," Moore later added. "It was really fun to go through that process with Mike."

For Moore, the exploration doesn't stop there.

As he prepares to take over the Bolts offense, he hopes to continue and incorporate different things into the offense.

"Then, we're willing to explore," Moore said. "I think, naturally, just because you haven't coached with certain coaches, that doesn't mean that you're influenced greatly by those guys.

"Certainly, the younger offensive head coaches have had a huge impact on this league and are guys that I watch each and every week, and I love watching those guys and studying their offenses," Moore added. "Hopefully, we'll be able to incorporate some of that."

The Los Angeles Chargers today agreed to terms with Kellen Moore as the team's offensive coordinator.

Boosting the run game

In the offensive coordinator search, one of the areas the Bolts were looking to improve in from last season was the run game. And with Moore comes a coordinator who has known success in that department.

In his four years as offensive coordinator for the Cowboys, Moore coached the seventh-best rushing offense in that timespan. He was able to strike a balance that produced one of the better statistical offenses in the league throughout his time there.

He and the Chargers staff will now begin the process of finding what works the best for the Bolts, while also being open to finding adjustments that may come in different games.

"I'm really excited to work with this staff, work with [Head Coach] Brandon [Staley] and these players and find the formula that works for us," Moore said. "Certainly, there will be pieces that they've been able to establish and have some success — let's incorporate that. We'll have some stuff from Dallas. It's important to be diverse.

"There's a balancing act in the run game, groove calls and calls that you can kind of hang your hat on, while also being diverse enough to make adjustments throughout a game and depending on a defense's looks," Moore added. "You have to be able to make adjustments throughout a game and find the things that work best for you week-in and week-out."

And the mix of the offensive line and players the Bolts currently have in the backfield is something that Moore is looking forward to.

"Certainly, they've invested on the offensive line, we're excited about that," Moore said. "Running backs, we've talked about Austin [Ekeler], Josh [Kelley] and that crew. It will be a fun opportunity for us to expand that."

Having multiple running backs is something that Moore mentioned is important, as it helps keep players fresh throughout a long season. He has firsthand experience of that, as he coached a backfield of Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard in Dallas. Both running backs had over 230 total touches each in 2022, striking a balance he thought benefited them throughout the season.

With what he knows about Ekeler and Kelley so far, Moore hopes to create a situation where multiple players can contribute and be effective in the offense.

"Certainly, from my vantage point, what Austin has done has been remarkable," Moore said. "You saw Josh start to develop a role. Certainly, that'll be a situation that, hopefully, we develop two or three guys in there that can all take turns.

"You saw what Zeke and Tony were able to do in Dallas this past year," Moore added. "I thought that it allowed both of those guys to be playing really good football late in the season, and as fresh as they possibly could."

'Speed is always dangerous'

The threat of speed at the wide receiver position is something that Moore knows can create an upper hand for an offense.

"Speed is always dangerous," Moore said. "We certainly have seen that throughout this league. When you do have speed, it is certainly a huge advantage."

This past season, the Chargers' injuries at wide receiver made it difficult to build a lot of consistency. And when wide receiver Jalen Guyton was lost for the season in Week 3, the wide receiver room suffered a major blow when it came to the speed aspect of the group.

Whether it be taking the top off another defense or simply having another weapon in the passing game, speed is something that Moore says a team should want.

"Speed, you can't coach it. Speed is very special," Moore said. "Certainly, you want some of that.

"Every guy doesn't need it, there are plenty of ways to play in football, but, certainly, when you do have it, it's a nice little advantage to be able to utilize," Moore added.

Similarly to what Staley said in 2022, Moore pointed out that there are other ways to create advantages in other areas of the passing game. The Bolts have a couple of targets that create plenty of advantages in their own right and are still dangerous in an offense.

The ability of wide receiver Mike Williams to make contested catches and Keenan Allen to create separation through his route running are just some of the different ways the Chargers can attack opposing defenses and will be opportunities Moore looks to continue to create with this Bolts offense.

"There are certainly other ways, as well," Moore said. "Mike and his ability to make 50-50 plays is phenomenal. You don't see that around the league very often. What Keenan can do to separate and his route-running and, putting him on routes that he's able to make decisions, he is going to make things happen.

"Certainly, from a scheme standpoint, you hope that you can find a way to create those opportunities, still, from a schematic standpoint," Moore added.

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