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Joey Bosa Facing an Emotional Test vs. Dolphins

Take a look through game photos of Joey Bosa during the last month of his rookie season.

Joey Bosa's demeanor away from the game famously differs from what you see on the field come Sunday.

His energetic, high-tempo style of play is the exact opposite from his laid back personality off the field. The rookie maintains an even-keeled approach even as he lives and breathes football as he is one of the first Chargers to arrive in the morning and last to leave at night.

That's why it was particularly noteworthy to hear Bosa admit this week's game against the Miami Dolphins will be an emotional one for the defensive end.


A Ft. Lauderdale native, he'll not only be going up against his hometown team, but also the one that selected his father in the first round of the 1987 draft.  John Bosa had a standout season that year at defensive end, starting 12 games while being named an all-rookie selection.  Unfortunately, a pair of significant injuries to each of his knees the next two years ended his career prematurely.

Joey's dad wasn't the only family member to suit up for the Dolphins. His uncle, linebacker Eric Kumerow, was drafted in the first round of the 1988 draft and also played three seasons in Miami.

"(This game) is going to be really cool, actually," Bosa explained.  "I never was a huge fan of really any team growing up, but if I had to say anybody, it would definitely have to be the Dolphins. We went to games a good amount growing up, so it is going to be interesting playing the team (that) obviously my dad and uncle played for but also I kind of grew up watching."

The 21-year old has seen his fair share of film of his dad playing for the Dolphins.  While noting the game has evolved a great deal, he laughed while describing his father's game.

"The defensive line has definitely changed a lot over the years technique-wise.  He had his one rip move and that's about all he brought to the table!  But he was a monster back then.  If I was an offensive lineman I wouldn't have wanted to line up against him!"

With a strong family history tied to the franchise, and growing up in the area, Bosa said the thought crossed his mind about the Dolphins making a play for him leading into April's NFL Draft.

"The thought was in the back of (my) head.  We joked around and talked about how awesome it would be to stay home and stay around my family.  But it was a long shot so we weren't really getting our hopes up."

That long shot never had a chance of happening as the Chargers secretly long coveted the Ohio State star.  With five games and one NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month award under his belt, Bosa is more than pleased with the way things turned out. The defensive end has lived up to the hype early in his career, totaling 14 tackles, six tackles for loss, four sacks, 18 pressures, one forced fumble and a team-high 12 QB hits despite missing the first four games of the year.

"Obviously to come in and make an impact means a lot, especially after all that went on (this summer). I've never been a huge awards or accolades guy, but obviously it's a great honor to get an award or recognized for doing anything.  It obviously means that I'm helping the team, and that's the most important thing."

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