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Here's What OC Greg Roman Loves About the Bolts Offense Right Now

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Chargers Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, Defensive Coordinator Jesse Minter and edge rushers Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack took the podium Wednesday at Hoag Performance Center during Day 2 of mandatory minicamp.

Below are three takeaways from their media availabilities:

Bolts offense in a good spot

Just one mandatory minicamp practice remains before the team gets a break and returns for training camp in late July.

And offensively, the staff couldn't be more excited for how things have turned out to this point.

Chargers Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman stepped to the podium as the offseason program winds down and displayed his enthusiasm for where the group is heading into the break.

Predicting how the transition of a new offense will go is nearly impossible, but to Roman, this has been as good of an outcome as he could've asked for.

"If you had told me four months ago, we'd be in this spot right now, I'd say, 'I'll take it'," Roman said. "We got a lot of work yet to do, but really happy with how the guys are working, how they're buying in and the progress we're making.

"I know we're not in pads yet, we all know that, but we've really made a lot of strides towards where we need to go heading into training camp," Roman added.

The offense has gotten valuable reps throughout OTAs and through minicamp so far, including Wednesday where Justin Herbert led his group to some impressive reps.

It's something that will continue to improve heading into the summer said Roman, especially with the way the players have attacked it.

"I mean, when you look at — basically, we've pretty much gone through our installation four different times," Roman said. "As we like to say, it's like four coats of paint. I think every time that we've gone through one of these installation processes, guys get it better more and more.

"I think that's a big thing to do with it. This is our offense now. I think the guys feel that way," Roman added. "Just the way the guys are working. They're here every day, working and really buying in."

While implementing the offense the group have also been able to get a good idea of what kind of team they will be once the season rolls along.

Even with no pads on yet, Roman says the offense continues to gain a deeper understanding of what they will be down the road with the constant reps.

"I think our offense, the players are very clear with the identity we want to have and how we want to play," Roman said. "I definitely think there's a sweet spot. We're still figuring out, still learning about how this is all going to come together, but we want to create options for ourselves, we want to be great at running the ball, we want to be great at throwing the ball.

"It takes a lot of work, it doesn't just happen like that," Roman added while snapping his fingers. "We're in that process now and we're going to kind of just see where everything settles at a certain point. I definitely think we want to have some balance in our offense."

A lot of work is yet to be done for now but there is a lot more to go as the team prepares to do so the same way they have so far.

"This year our offseason has been amazing," Roman said. "The coaching staff, love working with these guys. The players, the organization, everything is just channeled in one direction. The personnel department, everything is in lockstep. I think we're in a good spot right now."

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Derwin's role on defense

Chargers Defensive Coordinator Jesse Minter spoke glowingly in February about able to being coach and work with Bolts safety Derwin James, Jr.

Four months later, everything still holds true.

"I'm going to try over the summer to clone him and make three of him," a laughing Minter said.

One of the leaders of the defense, James has been all over the place throughout the spring practices as he engrains himself in the defensive coordinator's scheme — just like he has throughout his career in the powder blue.

Minter praised how quick the star safety has picked up the defense since he's arrived to Southern California.

Still he keeps in mind that in order for James to be effective, Minter will need to pick his spots and make sure to not put too much on his plate.

"I mean he does everything well," Minter said. "It's still sort of just where he can be most be effective in a certain game, in a certain type of matchup."

"He can do it all, but as I said before, you got to be careful of not overloading him," Minter added. "He's picked up everything, he's picked up multiple positions, he's repped at a bunch of different positions.

The Bolts Defensive Coordinator laid out just how valuable having a player like James is when preparing for different offenses.

On any given week, the ability to use James in many different ways will be huge depending on the matchups.

"There's times where he's really good back [deep]," Minter said. "He's an elite tackler, so sometimes when that guy is coming over the middle of the field as your last line of defense, you feel pretty good about it.

"Then there's times where he's blitzing off the edge and he's causing havoc," Minter added. "There's times where he's locking up a slot receiver or locking up a tight end."

A lot of time remains for Minter to be see what options he has at his disposal alongside James, but he believes this is a big chance for James to re-enter some conversations.

"His versatility, I think he has an opportunity to, as I told him, 'Let's retake the claim of you being one of the best safeties in football,'" Minter said.

Something the former All-Pro safety is well onboard with it as well.

"He loves it," Minter said about James' response.

A boost in the weight room

Ben Herbert wasted no time to make his mark on the Bolts in the weight room.

The Chargers Executive Director of Player Performance has made an impact on the team all throughout the spring whether it was in early conditioning portions or in recent post-practice sessions.

"Coach Herb, man, he's a different type dude. He's a savage," Khalil Mack said. "He almost seems like guys I've played with throughout these 10 years. He kind of has a different approach."

Joey Bosa added: "The guys love him, the energy he brings is awesome. I think the stuff we're doing on the weight room is a great addition to the stuff I may do on the side."

Part of what has made Herbert's transition to the Bolts a success early on has been his approach with every player, including the veterans that may have their own way of training during the offseason.

According to Bosa, he's not looking to replace what a player does, he's looking to add to make him his best version when the season comes around.

"He's a no-nonsense kind of guy but he's not old-school in the sense that his way of doing things isn't the only way to do things," Bosa said. "He understands that guys have been in the business for a long time — Khalil, me — and have a way of doing things.

"All he wants to do is add to that and help you get better and perform the best you can," Bosa added. "He's says all the time that he's a tool for us."

And the veterans welcome the challenge that Herbert brings, too.

Mack recalled one of his first conversations with Herbert when he arrived at the Bolts facility, making it known from the jump he was ready for it.

"I think one of the first things I told Herb when I came in, 'I ain't scared of you, Herb. I'm going to let you know now. I'm with it. Let's go'. And he embraced it," Mack said with a laugh. "We laugh about it ... he's a savage, man."

Mack later added: "He's a dog. That's what you want in that weight room. Somebody that's supportive but going to push you to those limits and try to break them."

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