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Five Fun Facts about Tenny Palepoi

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field. 

While you may know defensive tackle Tenny Palepoi ranked third on the team in QB hits (nine) and fourth in quarterback pressures (20), here are five fun facts you likely don't know about number 95. *

  1. Disneyland Lover:It's pretty convenient that the Chargers are moving closer to The Happiest Place on Earth because Palepoi is a self-professed Disneyland fanatic.  "My favorite rides are Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean and Tower of Terror, even though it's not there anymore and they're building a Guardians of the Galaxy version."  While he takes his kids, he said he has way more fun than they do.
  1. Workin' at the Carwash: By first jobs, Palepoi's was pretty standard.  "I worked at a carwash.  I did that from when I was 15 to 17."  He must have been good at his job because he said he walked away with pretty solid tips during his time.
  1. Call him "Coach": Palepoi has three kids, a five-year-old, a four-year-old and a seven-month-old.  He said he has no time for pets because he has kids.  "All I do is hang at home with my kids.  I'm pretty boring!"  However, Palepoi isn't that boring.  He coaches his son and daughter's t-ball leagues.  "I love it.  It isn't hard to separate being a dad from being a coach because my coach skills are like my dad ones." 
  1. Vikings Fan:Don't worry, Palepoi is devoted to the blue and gold, not purple and gold.  Instead of the football team, he means the television show.  "I love everything about that show.  The time period, the beards, the long hair and braids, the gore.  Oh man, I love it."
  1. Party of 16: Palepoi is one of 14 children.  While there is a near 20-year age gap between the oldest and youngest, he is number 13 of 14.  "I loved being towards the bottom.  I had everything because my oldest siblings would help me out.  I was raised by them because there were so many and my parents both worked."


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