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Five Fun Facts about Rayshawn Jenkins

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field.  *

*While you may be aware safety Rayshawn Jenkins was selected in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 3. *

  1. 18 is Enough: Jenkins grew up in a big family.  And by big, try 17 siblings on for size.  In a family of 11 girls and seven boys, he is the sixth oldest.  "I liked growing up in a big family.  It was never boring!  I was competitive.  We always had to fight for stuff because there was so many of us."
  1. Doting Dad: The safety is the proud father of a one-year old son.  "I love it. It's very rewarding and it's one of the best things that has happened in my life.  NowI can provide for him, and it makes me sleep well at night knowing that.  I just have to keep going and not get complacent or comfortable."   

  1. Card Shark: "I like playing cards.  I'm a spades guy."  Jenkins said he's been playing a long time and self admittedly, "grew up on cards."  While he played cards with his teammates at Miami, he's looking forward to bringing his skills out west.  "I was second to none at Miami and I plan on bringing my talents to L.A."
  1. Favorite Movie: When he's not on the field or studying the playbook, Jenkins enjoys hanging at home.  When he's not with his son, he enjoys chilling and watching movies.  His favorite types of films are thrillers or "movies with big plot twists that really make you dig deep to find out the meaning."  A specific favorite movie of his is Interstellar.  "That's probably my favorite one.  It made me think a lot.  I had to go on the internet to find out the meanings (of the film) and I still don't quite get it to this day." 
  1. Future Fan: Although he doesn't have a favorite pregame song and admits to just putting his phone on shuffle, Jenkins' genre of choice is hip hop.  "Just like I like movies, I love music.  Hip hop is good music; I like listening to it."  Although he admits he isn't really into older artists, he's a big fan of one of the hottest rappers out there today.  "I'm not really old school.  I'm with the new wave of (hip hop) artists right now.  I'm a big fan of Future."


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