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Five Fun Facts about Kenneth Farrow

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field. 

While you may be aware running back Kenneth Farrow was one of two Chargers to make the Bolts' 2016 53-man roster as an undrafted rookie free agent, here are five fun facts you may not know about number 27.*

Big Brother– Farrow is the oldest of six kids.  He has four little sisters and a little brother; the youngest is five years old.  "I like being the oldest.  It keeps the pressure on me!  My oldest sister is 19 and then it gets younger from there."

Take it to the Court –Though Trovon Reed begs to differ, Farrow self-admittedly believes he can beat Reed in one-on-one basketball or NBA 2K.  The pair have a bit of a friendly rivalry brewing in the locker room when it comes to hoops.  "I can beat him in anything basketball-related," Farrow said. 

FIFA Fan– "I am probably the fest FIFA player on the team.  Craig Mager has been a victim!"  Farrow likes how different the game is.  Despite never really being into soccer, he had some friends get into the game in high school and hasn't put the remote down ever since.  "It definitely gave me an appreciation for the game after I played it on the Xbox."

Uke Player– "I have a little bit of skill on the ukulele!  Where I went to high school, there was a huge population of Samoan and Tongan people.  They were always doing it so I picked it up."  Despite the skill, Farrow said he doesn't have a favorite song to strum to.

Fav Film –Farrow's favorite film is Apocalypto.  The 2006 adventure film is spoken in Mayan with English subtitles to help guide the viewer.  For Farrow, he didn't even realize the film wasn't in English until he watched it for a second time.  "There's no English in it at all!  It's about the Mayan culture and shows the crazy rituals and things they did.  The main character is a guy named Jaguar and he's an amazing dude.  It's an awesome movie.  I watched it the first time and I didn't even realize there was no English in it!  I always loved it so I went back and watched it years later and went 'Man, there's no English in this!  But it's so good."


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