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Five Fun Facts about Derek Watt

*This offseason, we want you to get to know our players a little more off the field. 

While you may be know fullback Derek Watt helped pave the way for Melvin Gordon's stellar 2016 season, here are five fun facts about number 34.*

  1. Impractical Joker: When it comes time to relax, Watt turns on the television and regularly watches Shark Tank and Impractical Jokers.  "Impractical Jokers is just grown men doing stupid stuff.  It'd be fun to do with my friends back home.  Some of it you shouldn't do, but it's still funny how far they can push each other."  While he's a fan, he said he doesn't pull any pranks on any of his teammates.
  1. Puppy Love:  Unlike Casey Hayward who isn't into dogs, Watt has a six-month old Boxer puppy named Trooper.  "He's growing well, getting big and he's my little man.  I get home, and he's all wiggly and excited when he sees me."
  1. Former Rink Regular: With Watt and his two brothers entrenched as football stars, you would think that the sport was his first favorite.  Think again.  "The first sport I really grew up loving was hockey.  I started skating when I was two years old.  My brothers and I all played hockey and we were all pretty good."  Watt added that the travel and cost of the sport eventually steered him and his brothers away.  But hey, football wasn't exactly a bad fallback.
  1. Shake Maker: While Wisconsin is known for cheese and beer, there's another food synonymous with the state: frozen custard.  Watt's first job dealt with the frozen delicacy. "My buddy back home owns a custard and burger joint called Oscar's Frozen  Custard.  I worked there for a couple months doing the register and making shakes."
  1. Don't Call him D.J.: J.J., T.J., Derek?  While Watt's middle name is John, do not call him by his initials.  "I shot that down when I was about six.  I told my mom, 'I just want to be Derek.'  I got the whole D.J. from Full House. I got the whole D.W. from Arthur. So I just wanted to go by Derek because it was a lot easier."  He said his college coaches tried to bring the nickname back and would say it to get under his skin, but fortunately, it didn't last. 


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