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DJ's Mailbag: Who's the Greatest Charger of All Time?

LT-JS Mailbag

Each week during the season, Chargers radio analyst Daniel Jeremiah will answer mailbag questions. Below is the Week 9 installment:

How can the Chargers right the ship after losses against Baltimore and New England? -@a_I_penalosa

"Offensively, they've got to be better on third downs, they've got to maintain drives, they've got to give their defense a rest. Defensively, I think it's just creating negative plays and turnovers. That's gonna be key against an Eagles team that's better than their record in my opinion."

What are opposing defenses doing that makes Herbert throw into more tight windows? -@ethanpodell

"We've seen more droppers, not rushing as many guys. I think teams have started to realize Justin's outstanding against the blitz when you try and send a bunch of numbers at him. So, I think designating more bodies into coverage but there's also been some drops, there's been some mishaps in protection. It's not on Justin for the numbers that we've seen the last couple weeks, it's not all on him."

What is the team's identity? -@omarmoreno0829

"Well, I think that's still to be determined. I think it's a balanced offense, I think defensively it's been a bend don't break group, but I think there's some physicality that is missing at this point in time. That's something that needs to improve here if they're gonna have a successful second half of the season."

How will they turn the losing streak around? -@g_palmoney

"I think you've got to extend drives, you've got to get back to hitting some explosives. I think we've missed on that the last couple of weeks, haven't been as many explosive plays, so finding a way to connect on those. Then defensively getting off the field, just can't have these long, prolonged drives that's shortening the game too much."

What is the best thing about being with the Chargers? -@elijah8a

"The best thing about being with the Chargers is you see entertaining football each and every week. Outside of the Ravens game, every game has been a popcorn game. Whether the Chargers won or lost, it comes down to the very end. It's a great group of guys to get a chance to watch each and every week."

Why didn't we make a trade before the trade deadline? -@jozay93til

"I think the NFL trade deadline is just more complicated than the other sports when you factor in the salary cap. You also factor in the comp. picks, teams know they are going to get compensatory picks when guys walk as free-agents so that sets the price of what they'll be willing to accept in a trade. So that limits the number of guys that can get moved and then obviously the financial factor is big. You either don't have the salary cap or a guy is carrying a big number. It's just a little more complicated in the NFL than maybe it is in Major League Baseball or the NBA."

Who's the best Charger player of all time? -@rubenantilla04

"That's a great question, I think there's several answers that I think would be acceptable. I think about Dan Fouts, you could think about LT and how phenomenal he's been. My age, the age I'm at, the Chargers I grew up watching to me I'll always stick with my guy Junior Seau because he was the man and he was the poster on my wall [it] was 55."

Who will breakout this season? -@jakeburton419

"I think you saw a nice start there for a breakout with Josh Palmer with that touchdown at the end of the [Patriots] game. I think you're still looking for another weapon to emerge in this passing attack. I'm hopeful that he's gonna be that guy, that was a heck of a catch last week and maybe that can be a little bit of a springboard for him."

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